‘OutDaughtered’: Olivia Busby Leaves Ava Behind, Danielle Reveals Why

Hazel Busby via Instagram

Olivia Busby is the oldest of the first all-girl set of quintuplets born in the United States. To complicate identifying the girls, Olivia and Ava are identical twins. The Busby family star in TLC’s popular reality show OutDaughtered. Mom Danielle recently revealed that Olivia Busby is leaving Ava behind, and here’s why.

Quints, older sister get cute haircuts for new school year

After a busy summer filled with vacations, cheer camp, and pool time, the Busby daughters were ready to head back to school. The quints – Ava, Olivia, Hazel, PK, and Riley – are in first grade. 10-year-old Blayke is a 5th grader! But first, haircuts!

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Danielle and Adam both documented the haircuts on their respective Instagram accounts. Ava broke the mold and got her hair cut short, while Hazel’s enviable curls were cut and straightened. But don’t panic, Busby fans, the red-haired cutie’s new look was temporary and the curls are back!

OutDaughtered fans STILL can’t tell Ava and Olivia apart

After the haircuts, Danielle Busby spotlighted Ava’s new ‘do on Instagram. Alongside a stunning pic of the youngster, the OutDaughtered mom joked that fans will finally be able to tell Ava and Olivia apart. Check out Ava’s adorable new shorter cut:

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

However, subsequent photos of all of the quints together reveal that Danielle greatly miscalculated. Photos with both Ava and Olivia are still flooded with comments from fans unable to tell them apart.

Olivia Busby leaves her twin sister behind, Danielle reveals why

As twins, it’s not surprising that Ava and Olivia – nicknamed Lulu by the family – have an unbreakable bond. The pair used to do everything together. However, as they grow up, they’ve started to bond with their other sisters.

In a sweet Instagram post, Danielle reveals that Olivia has a new best friend, Hazel. Apparently, the two are bonding over school. It turns out that Hazel and Olivia are in the same first-grade class.

Hazel and Olivia Busby via Instagram
Hazel and Olivia Busby via Instagram

The OutDaughtered parents seemed to make a conscious choice to have the girls in separate classrooms as they embark on their education.

Does it surprise you that Olivia Busby would leave Ava behind and bond with Hazel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

TLC has yet to announce if the fan-favorite family will return for another season. The network has already announced the Fall/Winter lineup for 2021. 7 Little Johnstons, My 600-lb Life, and 1000-lb Sisters are among the shows returning. Unfortunately for fans of the Waldrop family, Sweet Home Sextuplets will not return for another season.

So, if OutDaughtered does return, it likely won’t be until 2022.

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  1. Sweet home sextupletsshould not be cancelled. It’s the best of all the family shows actually, the 2 shows about over weight people are simply boring aNd they’re the ones who should be cancelled. Who decided this anyway? I think it’s an attack against the Bible Christians which doesn’t surprise me at all. Please reconsider this terrible decision .

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