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Wait, Is Nikita Dragun Dead?!


Is transgender YouTuber Nikita Dragun dead? Followers and fans of the transgender icon panicked when browsing her Instagram Stories and came across a black and white photo of her with the words “R.I.P. Nikita Dragun.” The black and white photo featured Nikita without makeup. She appeared to be crying. The photo contained a link to a YouTube video. The video was uploaded to YouTube an hour ago. The title read, “RIP Nikita Dragun.” What is going on? Is Nikita Dragun dead?

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Is Nikita Dragun Dead?

Unfortunately, a search for whether Nikita Dragun is dead doesn’t yield many results. There was a news story posted a year ago that reported she died. The article noted she was “shot 20 times.” This story, however, was debunked. That being said, has she died in the year since this faux story was posted? Why does her Instagram Stories and YouTube channel suggest she’s dead?

Turning up zero results on Google, fans of Nikita Dragun turned to her Twitter to see if there were any answers there. Her Twitter account also posted a link to the mysterious video that suggested she passed away. The account tweeted a second time with the hashtag “RIPNikitaDragun.” Then, the account retweeted the YouTube video.

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Her followers scramble for answers

Technically, there is no real information to confirm Nikita Dragun is actually dead. Her followers were all over the place with what they were thinking about her potential death. Some of her fans paid their respects for the fallen icon in the comments of her YouTube channel. Others, however, were not buying.

On Twitter, many asked if someone would tell them what the video was about. They continued to explain they were NOT interested in giving her views f0r what was clearly clickbait. In fact, many blasted her for using such a horrible tactic for getting people to watch a YouTube video.

The caption of the video reads: “Dearly, beloved we are gathered here today to lay to rest a woman with my names. Transsexual. Pop Star. CEO. Bad B. but to most known as simply Nikita Dragun.”

Furthermore down, the caption reveals the true reason behind the video. It was a promotion. A promotion for Shoedazzle. The end of the caption of her video encouraged people to shop at Shoedazzle.

So, for those asking the question — No, Nikita Dragun is not dead. She used a clickbait hoax of her own death to draw in views and hopefully get some sales.

What do you think of Nikita Dragun starting a death hoax about herself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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