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Kody Brown Slaps Daughter Savanah In Face After Helping Breanna

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives slapped his daughter Savanah in the face just two months after he assisted his other daughter Breanna. Before we get into what happened that involved the TLC father slapping one daughter in the face while helping another… Let’s break down the dynamics of this portion of the family for those who don’t have a clear picture.

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Savanah and Breanna Brown: Who are they?

Savanah Brown is the daughter of Kody and Janelle Brown. She’s 16-years-old. She was born in December. So, she turns 17 in just a few months. As we previously reported, Janelle affirmed Savanah was learning how to drive recently.

Breanna Brown is the daughter of Kody and Robyn Brown. Technically, David Jessop is Breanna’s biological father. But, Kody adopted her after bringing Robyn into his family. Breanna is nearly a year younger than Savanah as she just turned 16 back in July. As we previously reported, Kody Brown revealed in his Cameo videos that Breanna was working on getting her driver’s license.

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Kody Brown slaps one daughter, helps the other

Now, Kody Brown of Sister Wives didn’t physically slap his daughter. But, fans of the TLC father do think it feels as though he slapped his daughter Savanah in the face with his recent actions. Kody Brown made it clear via Cameo that he was very involved in Breanna getting her driver’s license. Sister Wives fans admit they were a bit uncomfortable by how excited Kody seemed to spend time with his teenage adopted daughter.

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Sister Wives Kodty Brown Breanna Brown

Kody Brown, however, appeared to be nowhere in sight as Savanah also learned to drive so she could get her license. Janelle Brown seemingly made it clear she was working with their daughter Savanah to get her driving properly. Janelle Brown has already gotten some heat for botching the driving lesson. But, the real question Sister Wives fans have is simple. Where the heck is Kody Brown? Why was he willing to help Breanna with her driving, but isn’t helping Savanah?

Do you agree with Sister Wives fans that this feels like a slap in the face for Savanah after he just helped Breanna with driving? Does Kody Brown really favor his children with Robyn above his other children? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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  1. Yes I think Kody favor his children with Robin and he favor Robin too in his eyes she is who he want everyone can see it Robin is who he love if you going to live a plural live treat all the wives the same or stay off tv we don’t like you being a snake in the grass I love seeing you guys on tv get it together

  2. Kodi is losing his Godlike attitude. He’s not the important part anymore. He’s a selfish man child. I feel sorry for all of his wives and children.

      1. I can’t stand kody any more because he makes his self out as a good guy but he only wants to be with Robin that is very clear and he has nothing to do with the rest of his family he also only sleeps with Robin how does that make the other wife’s feel I can’t believe they are still filming him cause he really only has Robin his favorite the other wife’s don’t want him I think they don’t even consider their selfs married to him any more so where is the purpose for the show their life style was the show and it has changed it just makes me mad the way he treats his family Robin and her kids are the only ones getting his affection I can’t blame the other wifes or kids for the way they feel

      2. I agree, Kody can’t play God any longer. I’m not sure but my gut tells me that Robyn’s daughter may very well become a new sister wife

    1. He is so bad.and disrecpektful. Why dont meri and janelle leave that idiot.
      I Wonder why.he and Robin Are so bad to the other wifes.and he only cares for Robins Kids
      Zuch a bad dad.
      Oh my good.iwould have left that ass long time
      And he loks bad.get a har cut

  3. I believe Kody is prepping Robin’s older girls to be his next ýoung wives. I realize he adopted them but it isn’t blood and can be undone at 18. He has a motive and plan for these girls. Robin is such a twisted person that she is probably aware and in favor.

    1. Gawd, I thought the very same thing. I believe this is what he is up to. He really is a despicable person, not a man at all and certainly not one I would continue to watch or support. If those wives don’t get this by now, they better. He is another cancel culture ass only with wives and his children. This is in no way God like behavior and I don’t believe for a second he is any kind of pastor I would ever respect.

      1. I don’t know why I never thought of that but your absolutely right. That’s exactly what Kody’s up too

    2. Omg I thought I was the only one who feels that he’s grooming Robin’s daughters to be his 5th and 6th wives. All of his other wives are older and can’t give him any more children and I actually think that the only reason why he is “nice” to Robin is because he wants her daughters. Time will tell. He’s a complete narcissist.

  4. Trisha, this is not the first time you have written a crap article with a lie in the headline. I know from now on to never trust an article from you or

    1. Agree completely! TVshowsace offers click-bait and hyperbole and not much else. I never take their articles seriously unless I can corroborate them somewhere else.

  5. Kody Brown is a selfish prick and has treated his first 3 wives horribly. I am happy for Christine that she had the courage to break free. I totally disagree with Janelle that it would be easy to leave plural marriage. I wish Meri had Christine’s courage.

  6. This guy is not right in the head people! He is nothing more then a mental abuser and user. These women are so blindsided by him it’s sickening. Well, I feel Christine gave him a big slap by leaving his ass! He’s hitting rock bottom and having a mental break too. His empire is falling one by one. Wake up Janelle and Meri and stop being so weak to let him still try and control you. He’s full of hot air and lies and so so desperate to find a way to keep this show on he will throw all of them under the bus, including boohoo fake tears Robin!
    Get a real job and work like the rest of us do. Take this show off already. I’m done with him and his ugly birds nest hair and face.

  7. There must be dramatic dysfunction in order to have a reality show. I had a natural curiosity about plural marriage when I started watching this show. My original opinion is still the same. You can’t have plural wives/children without jealousy & favorites. Janelle & Meri don’t leave because the show would be over with just Robyn who is the undisputed favorite of ugly old Kody with his mop head. Yes, Robyn is a big fake & has worked against the other wives. But that’s the drama the show has too bring.

  8. All Kody cares about is his life with Robyn and her children, he does not care about Meri or Jenelle or their children. The only reason he is holding onto them is because Meri and Janelle support him and Robyn and her kids.

    1. I agree Robyn is ugly and has one of the fakest cries I’ve ever seen, my 2 yo does a better job then she. And the way he treats all the others is crazy. I believe he ran Christine away.

  9. I feel sure Cody will at some point take on another wife but think it will be someone new and younger of course so he can father more children and keep the gravy train rolling. I don’t think he’ll marry one of Robyns daughters. That’s a bit far fetched. He is still probably thinking about the kingdom he wants to build in which they all share a home and he will once again rule as the almighty. Let’s face it the others wives are have aged and matured and he’s losing ground.

    1. I would agree to all the comments about Cody I have been watching Sisters Wives from the beginning and I’ve noticed change and Cody he is a complete jerk and yes he does show favoritism when it comes to Robin and her children he has all of a sudden forgot the rest of his children if he doesn’t think that he treats his family Fair he really need to look in the mirror this guy has a big chauvinistic problem and he doesn’t really want to be married to all of those women his excuses for covid and not being around these other kids is the most idiotic thing I can think of in this type of relationship. What a jerk

    2. If he does take in a new wife, poor Robin.
      Question: If they are so broke and can’t pay on the bills. Why does Robin have a nanny?

  10. To claim you are living the life God wants you to is so irreverent and twisted. This man is not following God’s teachings he’s blaspheming Him and catering to his own ego and lust. The wives who remain are doing the children a gross 🤮 disservice. Please take this show off the air!

  11. Seems like he is grooming Breanna for himself. He doesn’t act like he gives a crap about his own blood anymore. Janelle needs to tell Kody good riddance. And well Meri has lost her mind.

  12. I’ve said this before. The only difference between polygamy and monogamous marriage is the polygamist doesn’t divorce their wives, they add a new one. In monogamous relationship if the couple is unhappy they divorce and there is not a relationship between ex-husband and wife and majority of the time those kids get thrown out of mind because the ex-husband is focused on his newest family. My ex-husband did this and was married 5 times. Always treated his stepchildren better than his kids. We’re affronted because Kody is doing this to his own while still “married” to the other wives. The only difference is he doesn’t get divorced and have to pay child support like if he was in monogamous relationship. Also the wives are contributing to family budget irregardless of whether they get love, attention, affection or any intimacy.

  13. Kody cares about one thing..KODY! Whatever will masculate him teeny tiny is all I can think because he’s self-absorbed. He’s a misogynist. He’s arrogant and conceded beyond belief. He doesn’t want a wife and children. He wants servants subjects who worship him and do as he demands. I used to like the show but the more I watched it the more sickened I became. I cannot understand why the show continues when obviously this man is abusive. He may not have physically slapped her but sometimes those mental and emotional slaps hurt and last far longer than the physical ones!

  14. Kody lost .me believing anything about him when Meri wanted to try for another child and he immediately said no and had another one with Robyn. I feel he messed with Meri’s self confidence and thats whats wrong with her. As for Jennelle she does as she pleases . Christine was the strong one and left before he could belittle her. I agree this is getting old with Cody. I afree get rid of the show.

  15. I agree that Kody is a narcissist, has a God complex and treats his family like dirt except for Robin and her kids. I cannot believe that Janelle doesn’t see this. She is an intelligent woman and has supported the family for so long financially. Kody should be ashamed that he has had all these women working so hard and having children with so little support from him emotionally as well as financially. It shows a side of polygamy the world needs to see. No different from slavery except the women can leave. They have to rely on one another instead of the man who should be there for all of them. Shame on him. Thank God that type of life isn’t for me!

  16. meri was the first to try and leave Kody but it ended in disaster for her when the man online was just a catfisher! poor Meri!I think that’s why he treats her like dirt she was trying to find true love and replace him. now she is too embarrassed to leave. Janelle and Meri should walk away or skip away arm in arm . I quit watching the show years ago but keep up on the gossip in hopes they all leave him. I am so proud of Christine for being the smartest and bravest of the bunch. she wants someone to love and worship just her. the way love should be!

  17. I am not going to go into specifics but people just look at this situation. It is so abundantly clear. I used to watch this show until I saw all the “sickness “ and “disrespect “ ( this is not coming from a religious aspect). I mean my opinion is not coming from there but come to think of it neither is this show. I just think it should be canceled

    1. It’s obvious all all the viewers making comments are continually watching this rubbish!
      Switch your channels
      EASY !!!!
      Thé more we talk about is what the producers want !!!!!
      So they know their is a huge following out there !!!!!

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