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‘Storage Wars’ Season 13: Premiere Date Set, Barry Is Back!

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Are you ready for another season of Storage Wars? Season 13 is just around the corner. This is the show about the storage locker treasure hunt and the quirky bidders.

Who is back and when does it start? There are a few original stars returning. We have all the information you need here.

Storage Wars Is Back For Season 13!

Are you ready to watch the greatest treasure hunt show on television? Storage Wars Season 14 is coming soon. According to OG auctioneer Dan Dotson, who posted on Twitter, “Join us and your favorite @StorageWars warriors for the hottest bids & battles during ALL-NEW episodes of #StorageWars starting Tuesday, November 2 at 9/8c on @AETV.”

Thanks to Dan, he, his wife Laura “pay the lady” Dotson, and the crew is back battling it out at storage units on Tuesday, November 2, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on A&E. So, who is back for the upcoming season?

Who Is Back For Storage Wars Season 13?

Who is back for Storage Wars Season 13? Let’s start with Darrell Sheets. Although “The Gambler” had previously retired after suffering some serious health issues. Now that he has had heart surgery, he is back and looking great. Moreover, he is ready to bid and make some serious cash.

For those of you who do not remember, back in Season 3, Sheets had bid on a locker that held a treasure worth about $300,000. The storage locker cost him $3,600 in a closely held bid. However, it held a nice collection of Frank Gutierrez art.

In addition, Brandi Passante is back and is her sassy self. The Nezhodas are back, both Rene and Casey. So are Kenny Crossley and Ivy Calvin and his sons.

Storage Wars, Barry Weiss-
Storage Wars, Barry Weiss/Twitter

Barry Is Back!

What has Storage Wars missed the past eight years? How about “The Collector” Barry Weiss? Barry seemed to be living a free and casual life when he got into a serious motorcycle accident. A vehicle went right in front of him and a pal.

Weiss suffered multiple injuries and went through quite an ordeal to recover. However, he is back. Moreover, he is as charismatic as ever. He is looking for collectibles and he knows that some storage lockers have the treasures he is looking for. He just needs to win the right bid.

Is Jarrod Schulz Back On Storage Wars?

Barry may be back in the new season, but Jarrod Schulz does not look to be back. He is not in the preview. Based on some recent interactions, and some brutal honesty on social media, fans now know how contentious his relationship with Brandi was.

It is unlikely we will see Schultz on the show again.

When Is The Premiere Of Storage Wars Season 13?

Storage Wars Season 13 premieres on Tuesday, November 2, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on A&E.

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