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Hallmark’s ‘A Kiss Before Christmas’ Is First ‘Desperate Housewives’ Reunion

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Ready for the first Hallmark Christmas movie-Desperate Housewives reunion? Then you are ready for A Kiss Before Christmas. This stars none other than James Denton (Good Witch), and Teri Hatcher (Superman and Lois). They portrayed Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino in the iconic ABC dramedy. This is the very first Desperate Housewives reunion since the show ended in 2012.

Isn’t it time for James Denton and Teri Hatcher to play characters with a happily ever after ending? Maybe with some Christmas magic.

New Hallmark Christmas Movie Is First Desperate Housewives Reunion

Teri Hatcher and James Denton are working together again! This time, it is in a new Hallmark Christmas movie. According to TVLine, they are reuniting in A Kiss Before Christmas. They are currently filming this movie in Winnipeg.

This story is about Ethan Holt (Denton), who is a real estate development executive. He is married, with two teenagers. However, he is not feeling so grateful for what he has.

On Christmas Eve he lost out on a promotion, and he blames his “nice guy” business tactics. Thanks to some Christmas magic, he awakens to find that he is single and successful. But, now he wants his wife Joyce (Hatcher), and the life he had before.

In order to get his life back, he needs to win her over. Of course, the deadline is Christmas Day!

Teri Hatcher Excited To Be Working, Especially With James Denton

How excited are the two former Desperate Housewives sweethearts on working together? Pretty much thrilled.

On Wednesday, Teri Hatcher went to Instagram with a video to announce that she is “so excited.” She continued, “I am working again. Do you want to know why it is even more exciting?” Then the camera moves over to her left. There is James Denton! “Denton announces, “We’re back!”  Teri then ends the video, “It’s a thing. It’s a thing. Stay tuned!”

In a second post, she wrote, “Resurrected in the best way! We’re back and ALIVE for this charming heartfelt #christmasmovie on @hallmarkchannel Coming in November. #dontmissit #gladtobeback.”

They are both beaming. For those keeping track, Hatcher has been in a lot of series and projects since her role as Susan Delfino. That includes most recently The Odd Couple and Supergirl.

Because This Is Hallmark, James Denton Doesn’t Have To Worry About One Thing

Not only is this James Denton’s first Hallmark Christmas movie. He is also the executive producer of A Kiss Before Christmas. Getting Teri Hatcher was a dream come true. Most of all, when comparing the series to the upcoming movie, Denton seems quite optimistic.

“I had no idea that we’d be lucky enough to get Teri. We’ve always wanted to work together again, and we found the perfect vehicle for what I think is the first Desperate Housewives reunion. And since we’re on Hallmark, I don’t have to worry about getting shot at the end!”

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When Is Hallmark’s A Kiss Before Christmas Airing?

Hallmark is only revealing their Countdown To Christmas 2021 movie in batches. What we know is that A Kiss Before Christmas is airing sometime in November. However, not the first weekend.

Are you excited about this Hallmark-Desperate Housewives reunion?

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