‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Victoria Flips The Script On Ashland, Going Full Force With Wedding?

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The Y&R spoilers for the week of October 4, 2021, show that Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) switches her attitude. The couple travels to Tuscany, Italy, but she doesn’t look too certain about wanting to marry Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi). Then she’ll flip the script and want to get it done as soon as possible. Maybe it’s the romantic city that has her catching feelings all over again.

Fans will be wondering what got into her. Victoria wants to move forward with the wedding of the year. Is this because she’s still in love with Ashland Locke? Or is it because she wants to seal the (business) deal?

Y&R Spoilers: Nikki and Victor at Kyle and Summer’s wedding

Yes, that’s right. Another big wedding is happening in Italy. According to the Y&R spoilers, Nikki (Melody Ann Thomas) and Victor (Eric Braeden) are the next to travel to Tuscany. They’re looking forward to Summer (Hunter King) and Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) wedding. It’s been a while since they’ve seen their granddaughter and they’re looking forward to this momentous occasion.

It’s definitely one for the books. However, the spoilers suggest that Nikki and Victor will end up arguing in Tuscany. What is this fight about? Is it about the young couple?

Meanwhile, Y&R fans will look forward to the return of Summer and Kyle. They have been waiting for this wedding to happen forever. Whatever happens at their ceremony will have the couple in a disagreement once again.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Nikki will encourage Victoria to move forward with her wedding. She’ll notice that there’s tension between her daughter and Ashland Locke. Victoria is unsure what to do since she learned about Ashland’s secret. She doesn’t feel right to marry a man she doesn’t know too well.

Whatever Nikki says will make Victoria change her mind. She will decide to move forward with the wedding, even if it upsets the naysayers. Victoria thinks it’s for the best. Besides, she has business to do.

Victoria Newman wants to get that Newman-Locke merger done. NOW.

According to the Y&R spoilers, Victoria only has business on her mind. She wants to protect the Newman-Locke merge at all costs. Even if that means marrying the wrong man. Now that she learned about Ashland’s past, her heart is no longer invested in them anymore.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Their marriage is basically a business deal at this point. But is it worth having her portrait hang in her office? Victoria will have to do some deep reflecting before the big wedding day. The spoilers also suggest that Victor will try to stop Billy Abbot (Jason Thompson) from stopping the nuptials. But will it be too late?

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  1. kyle and tara should at the most be friends and let the past be the past and be good to each other and raise the son to be kind to people and look forward to new love if it is for kyle and tara summer should get out of the way and let kyle and tara be a family that they should have be all this time let it be kyle and tara as a family in the end it makes more since then kyle and summer it should instead it should be kyle and tara in the first place.

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