‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale Mills Buzzes Gorgeous, Long Hair: See Photo

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Uncle Dale Mills had OutDaughtered fans doing a bit of a double-take on Instagram over the weekend. He shared a photo of himself looking a bit different! Turns out, he made the decision to buzz his gorgeous, long hair off! How did Busby fans react to Uncle Dale Mills buzzing off his long hair? And, more importantly, what does his fresh haircut look like? Keep reading, we’ve got the details!

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

Uncle Dale Mills Makes Huge Decision, Buzzes Off Long Hair

Turns out, Uncle Dale Mills did a thing over the weekend… He made the decision to buzz off his gorgeous, long hair.

He penned in his caption: “It was time for a change and I only trust my friend @_sonniemans with this weave…”

He added a hashtag that noted he had short hair and didn’t care. Check out a before and after shot featuring his new look down below.

Outdaughtered Uncle dale Mills Instagram
Uncle Dale Mills – Instagram

OutDaughtered Fans React To His Freshly Buzzed Look

The photo revealing Uncle Dale Mills’ new look was liked over 16,000 times. What did OutDaughtered fans have to say about his decision to buzz off those long locks of hair? Turns out, the reactions were all over the place. Some had nothing but praise for Uncle Dale’s new look. Others, however, were a bit stunned. Then, there were some who admit they preferred his long hair.

  • “My first thought was no no no! But now I think it looks great! Is this a gradually turning into uncle Nick hairdo?”
  • “Okay. What happened?”
  • “Clutching my chest.”
  • “Holy snack.”
  • “Please tell me you saved all that hair??”

What Does Aunt KiKi Think Of Uncle Dale Mills’ Fresh Look?

The big question fans have any time a reality TV star makes a big change to their appearance is simple: What does their spouse think? In this case, all eyes are on Aunt KiKi as we wonder how she feels about her husband’s decision to buzz off that gorgeous full head of hair.

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram
Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

Aunt KiKi was one of the first to comment on Uncle Dale’s first picture showing off his fresh look. Her comment was liked several dozen times causing it to stick to the top of the comments. Turns out, she was here for this fresh look.

“Now I can see your handsome face. Love ya babe! She good!” She penned in the comments as she applauded the stylist for her work.

Are you surprised Uncle Dale Mills decided to buzz off his gorgeous, long hair? What do you think of his freshly buzzed look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the OutDaughtered family.

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