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OMG!!! Maddie Brown Brush Found Someone HIDING In Her Vehicle

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Maddie Brown Brush of Sister Wives found someone HIDING in her vehicle recently. Kody and Janelle Brown’s daughter took to her Instagram Stories recently to tell her followers about who she found hiding in her vehicle. She even managed to snap a photo of the culprit!

Who did she find hiding in her vehicle? And, what happened afterward? Keep reading for that and the latest update on Maddie!

Kody and Janelle’s daughter has been pretty busy

Those who follow Maddie Brown Brush on Instagram know she’s been pretty busy. She and her husband Caleb recently bought a house. And, they’ve been busy doing all sorts of renovating both inside the house and in the yard. Maddie has been kind enough to share photos and videos of the progress on her Instagram Stories.

Sister Wives - Maddie Brown Brush - Kody brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Maddie Brown Brush – Kody Brown Youtube

Sister Wives fans know Maddie Brown Brush’s household family also got a bit bigger when her sister Ysabel moved in. Fans learned Ysabel moved in with Maddie to go to school. But, many fans suspect it also offered an opportunity for Ysabel to distance herself from her father.

Maddie Brown Brush finds someone hiding in her car

According to her recent Instagram Stories update, there was a little guy hiding in her car! A little green guy with four legs to be more specific. Maddie shared a photo of the little guy on her Instagram Stories. She noted that she finds this little guy and his friends all over the place. But, the hiding spot she found him in inside of her car was a new one.

Check out the photo down below to see who Maddie found hiding in her car and where he was hiding.

Maddie Brown Brush Instagram
Maddie Brown Brush – Instagram

According to her Instagram Stories update, she found a little frog hiding inside of her vehicle. The caption of her photo as well as the photo itself reveals the little guy was hiding in the handle of the inside of her vehicle’s door.

Unfortunately, Maddie Brown Brush never mentioned the little frogs again. Moreover, the update was on her Instagram Stories. So, it has since expired from her Stories. But, her followers appreciated getting to see a photo of the little guy hiding inside of her vehicle!

Maddie Brown Brush Instagram
Maddie Brush – Instagram

What do you think Maddie Brown Brush did after she got the little frog out of her vehicle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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