Joy Duggar Forsyth DRAGGED For Putting Gideon In Dangerous Situation

Joyanna Forsyth Dugggar - Gideon Forsyth Instagram

Joy Duggar Forsyth is under fire following a snapshot she shared of Gideon a few days ago. The photo featured her happy sun enjoying an activity outside. Unfortunately, the photo was NOT well-received by her followers. And, it resulted in her getting blasted for putting her son in a dangerous situation. What exactly did Joy Duggar Forsyth post on her Instagram profile? And, why are fans so upset? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram
Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram

Joy Duggar Forsyth shares snapshot of Gideon

Joy Duggar Forsyth took to Instagram over the weekend to share a sweet photo of her son Gideon. Turns out, they got a new toy to play with outside! And, she wanted to share the moment with her followers. So, she posted a photo of a smiling Gideon on the ATV ready to rock. While some admit the photo was precious, most were horrified she would put her son in such a risky situation.

Instagram slams her for putting her son in danger

Joy Duggar Forsyth’s followers were instantly drawn to the fact that Gideon did NOT have shoes on in this photo. And, they were NOT happy about it. While they did applaud her for having a helmet on him. They noted “safety first” included wearing a pair of shoes. The comment section was flooded with individuals begging her to put shoes on her son.

Now, there were some followers who came to her defense. Some noted playing outside with shoes was a normal thing. Others noted they ride ATVs without shoes all the time. The overwhelming majority, however, were NOT happy with Joy Duggar Forsyth.

Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram
Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram

“For all you folks who like to name call etc. ATVs are dangerous. Look up accidents without footwear. On that note. Read. God bless you.” One individual penned in the comments.


Some were even horrified she let her son ride on an ATV at all. Here’s what one terrified fan had to say:

I know they are fun, but get a motorbike instead. I was an EMT, and 4 wheelers kill and maimed more people than the latter. A full grown, adult, experienced man, friend of the family, was killed when it rolled on him. Crashes happen, but a 4 wheeler is heavy, when it lands on a person.”

Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram
Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram

Here were some of the other responses in the comments: 

  • “Where are his shoes?”
  • Can put a helmet on him but not shoes?? Wow
  • “Where are his shoes? Plus, he really needs a real motorcycle helmet. Safety first.”
  • “Needs shoes.”

Do you think Joy Duggar Forsyth deserved all of the heat she got for the photo she posted on her profile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Duggar family.

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