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‘BIP’ Alum Dean Unglert Makes Shocking Assessment Of Dale’s Motives Amid Clare Crawley Split

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Dean Unglert is not one to shy away from a controversial hot take about Bachelor Nation. Some fans of the show will likely agree with his assessment of Dale Moss. Keep reading to find out what Unglert said about the rumors surrounding Moss and Clare Crawley.

BiP alum says there was pressure from the show for him to propose

Dean Unglert has been dishing Bachelor Nation secrets for years. While his delivery can sometimes be abrasive, he’s not afraid to spill the good tea. That’s what happened on a recent episode of his and Jared Haibon’s Help! I Suck at Dating podcast.

At the end of August, Unglert made headlines for calling girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes “suffocating” on the same podcast. As viewers know, Dean and Caelynn met during Season 6 of the summer guilty pleasure. After seemingly forming a connection, Unglert shocking left the beach, and on Caelynn’s birthday, no less!

However, a few episodes later, he was back to ask her to leave the beach with him. She did, and they’ve been together ever since.

Credit: Dean Unglert/Instagram
Credit: Dean Unglert/Instagram

Though they bought a house together over the summer, the couple isn’t engaged. At least not yet, if Bachelor in Paradise producers gets their way.

Dean revealed that he and Caelynn appear on Season 7 to offer up advice as one of the few success stories from the franchise. According to Us Weekly, the producers secretly tried to encourage him into proposing to Caelynn during their appearance.

The behind-the-scenes shenanigans wasn’t the only thing discussed on the podcast.

Dean Unglert, Jared Haibon reveals thoughts about Dale Moss using Clare Crawley for good PR

Rumors of a split between Season 16’s Bachelorette Clare Crawley and Dale Moss took an unexpected turn over the weekend. Clare tagged Bachelor alum Abigail Heringer in a shady post that seemed to confirm the split with Dale. No one knows why Abigail was tagged, but that doesn’t stop people from speculating.

However, the I Suck at Dating podcast hosts focused mostly on Dale and his motives. The two strongly feel that Dale mainly went on The Bachelorette in the first place for “business opportunities.”

The two Bachelor Nation insiders speculated that Dale took a hit in likeability after rumors that he cheated on Clare surfaced in January of 2021. While Dale denied the rumors, he blindsided Clare by confirming their break-up to the press.

Within months, the two were back together. In Unglert and Haibon’s opinion, Dale only reconciled with Clare for good publicity.

Per Us Weekly, Unglert said the following in his assessment of Dale,

“Once they broke up, Dale started to see the backlash that he was receiving — and Dale, he’s not an idiot — you know he [got] very bad press, like, very bad PR. I think he wants to get into hosting and all this kind of stuff and it’s like with that kind of negative press around you, you’re not going to get any of those jobs.”

That’s not Dean’s only takeaway from the Clare and Dale drama.

Would Dale have proposed to Clare if they hadn’t left The Bachelorette early? Unglert weighs in

Clare Crawley fell head over heels for Dale Moss from night one of The Bachelorette. In fact, she was so convinced he was that one, she quit the show and left with Dale. Both Unglert and Haibon agree that Dale wasn’t as invested in the relationship as Clare.

To that end, they both suggested that if the full season played out or the roles reversed – with Dale as Bachelor, and Clare his contestant – an engagement never would have happened.

In fact, Haibon believes Dale would have self-eliminated. “I bet that if Clare had an entire season, Dale might have removed himself because he wasn’t as invested in the relationship with Clare as Clare was with him,” he said on the podcast.

Wow! Do you agree with Dean Unglert’s take on Dale Moss and why he was on the dating competition? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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