Did Brandi Passante Just Admit ‘Toxic’ Jarrod Schulz Abused Her?!

Storage Wars - Brandi Passante Youtube

Storage Wars fans think Brandi Passante might’ve just admitted to being in a toxic relationship with Jarrod Schulz. Moreover, it appears as if she may have even admitted he was abusive toward her during their time together.

Brandi Passante hints at abuse, discusses toxic relationship

The Storage Wars princess shared a photo of her hand with the word “free” tattoed on it. She noted that people see the tattoo and always take it to mean something it doesn’t mean. Brandi Passante proceeded to explain it literally means exactly what it says — that she is free. While she didn’t say tons in her caption, she hinted that she was once trapped in a toxic relationship.

But, this tattoo means so much more. To me, it means that somehow, by the grace of god, I managed to escape a very difficult situation, that so many people fall victim to. I will be eternally grateful, for the life and freedom, without fear that I get to live now.”

Fans don’t really know what her dating life looked like outside of Jarrod, but the assumption is that she was talking about Jarrod. Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz were together for a very long time. They were not married. But, many assumed they were. They also did bring two children into the world together. Brandi and Jarrod were even portrayed as the “young guns” and the married couple early on in Storage Wars episodes. But, legally, they never actually got married.

Storage Wars - Brandi - Jarrod
Storage Wars – Brandi – Jarrod You Tube

Brandi Passante, however, has been very open about the fact that she and Jarrod are no longer together. Likewise, she’s also been very open about how happy she is now that she’s not in a relationship with Jarrod Schulz.

Still, Storage Wars fans love Brandi. And, they aren’t exactly happy to learn Jarrod might’ve been abusive toward her while they were together.

Jarrod Schulz may have been booted from Storage Wars 

As we previously reported, there was an incident involving Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz at a bar not too long ago. He allegedly roughed her up and the cops were called. It became a he said/she said situation as he bailed before the cops arrived and later claimed it never happened.

She, however, told a very different story. Learning of the domestic violence accusations against Jarrod, he was temporarily removed from the Storage Wars cast. Brandi Passante, however, remained on the show and continues to film new episodes. Presently, it is unclear if Jarrod will return to the show. Though, fans suspect it is unlikely.

Brandi Passante Instagram
Brandi Passante Instagram

Are you surprised to learn Brandi Passante describes her past relationship with Jarrod Schulz as toxic? Do you think he actually abused her? Was she trapped in her relationship with him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Storage Wars and all of its cast members.

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