Clare Crawley Spends Precious Time With Ailing Mother After Dale Moss Split

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Seems like the rumor mill got it right this time. The Bachelorette couple Clare Crawley and Dale Moss did break up. What caused the split, and did her mom’s illness play a role? Keep reading for all the details, plus an update on Clare Crawley’s mom.

Clare Crawley, Dale Moss split

Earlier this week, we reported on rumors about Clare and Dale’s relationship. Eagle-eyed fans noticed they hadn’t posted anything together in two weeks. Additionally, Dale was spotted out and about alone, including at a friend’s wedding.

Sources confirmed the break-up to Us Weekly. It seems Clare and Dale no longer had the same ‘vision’ about their life together. The couple got engaged in 2020, just a few weeks after meeting on the ABC dating competition. Clare felt so strongly for Dale that she quit the show early and left with him.

Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

However, they hit a few bumps in their relationship and broke up at the start of the new year. Their roller-coaster romance wasn’t done, though. Clare and Dale decided to give their relationship another chance.

But now they’ve broken up again. What came between them?

Former Bachelorette caring for ailing mother

The insider who spilled to Us Weekly about the split reveals that “different visions” led to the break-up. According to the source, Dale was dragging his feet on wedding planning, which upset Clare.

Furthermore, Clare wanted to be with her mom in California instead of NYC with Dale.  As viewers know, Clare’s mom has Alzheimer’s. The reality star opened up more about her mother’s illness on The Bachelorette. Due to the pandemic, there was a large portion of 2020 when Clare couldn’t see her mom.

Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

Unfortunately, signs indicate that her mom isn’t doing so well.

Clare Crawley shares heartbreaking update about her mom

While Dale is partying it up in NYC, Clare Crawley is back in Sacramento to be near her family. Over the weekend, she shared a video on her Instagram Stories of her mom petting Elby, one of Clare’s beloved dogs.

In the sweet clip, Clare’s mom lovingly strokes Elby’s ears and fur. Clare wrote that she’s “not wishing away time” on the video. Sadly, it sounds as if she may be running out of time with her mom.

Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

The source did tell the outlet that Clare and Dale love and support each other, even if they aren’t together.

Does it surprise you that Clare and Dale did break up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Join us in sending best wishes to Clare and her family.

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