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Brandi Passante’s Feet Have Instagram DROOLING In New Sexy Snap

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Brandi Passante’s feet have commanded the attention of her followers on Instagram. The Storage Wars queen took to her social media profile a few days ago to share a sizzling snapshot. According to the comments, the focus of the photo was NOT on her sexy physique. Her following was much more interesting in discussing her feet.

In fact, many of those who chimed into the comments were drooling over those puppies. Likewise, those who weren’t drooling over Brandi Passnate’s feet took notice of those who were.

Brandi Passante’s feet leaves her followers drooling

Now, contrary to what you might be thinking. This wasn’t some weird zoomed-in photo of Brandi Passante’s feet. This was a full-body photo that featured every inch of Brandi’s gorgeous frame. The Storage Wars princess even had her arms open wide as she invited her followers in for a good look at her blender, curvy body.

The Storage Wars star rocked a long, snug red skirt and a skimpy white top. She paired the outfit with some strappy sandals that showed off a generous amount of her feet. Perhaps it was how revealing her heels were that really set the feet lovers off in the comments of her post.

Storage Wars Brandi Passante - instagram
Storage Wars Brandi Passante – Instagram

Now, Brandi Passante is no stranger to creepy comments about her incredible body on Instagram. In fact, she even calls them out on her Instagram Stories all of the time. But, the obsession with her feet was a bit out there. Here’s some of what her followers had to say in the comments regarding her sexy feet:

  • “Cute feet.”
  • “She has got dem toes baby.”
  • “Ya, we need my Brandi feet.”

Some of her fans were concerned about the obsession

Now, everyone that commented on the photo agreed Brandi Passante looked absolutely stunning. But, not everyone shared in the feet obsession. Some admitted they were pretty concerned about why there were so many comments calling attention to her feet.

One follower penned in a comment liked nearly a dozen times: “Concerned at why everyone is commenting on your feet you cute tho.”

Check out a snapshot of Brandi’s sexy photo that has people drooling over her feet and some of the comments left on it down below.

Storage Wars Brandi Passante - instagram

Do you share in the obsession with Brandi Passante’s feet? Or, do you think it is just as strange as some of her other followers do? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this Storage Wars queen.

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