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Emotional Julie Chrisley Kisses Her Baby Boy Goodbye

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Todd Chrisley’s wife Julie was feeling emotional on Instagram this weekend. Why? Well, she was in a position where she felt as though she was kissing her baby boy goodbye. Grayson Chrisley. Her baby boy. He was no longer a baby. Before her stood a young man. A young man with his beautiful date as they prepared to leave for homecoming. As we previously reported, the entire family celebrated Grayon’s huge milestone on Instagram. But, it seemed to be an extra emotional moment for mama Julie.

Julie Chrisley shares sweet photo of Grayson and his date

Julie Chrisley shared a photo of Grayson Chrisley has he slowly put a corsage on the wrist of his homecoming date. Both Grayson and his homecoming date had huge smiles on their faces. It, however, appeared as if they were looking at two different cameras. So, Chrisley Knows Best fans can assume the family has a few different cameras snapping photos of the couple. Fans know that Chase and Savannah also had their phones out as Chase uploaded a video clip of himself zooming in on Grayson and his date to his Instagram Stories.

Todd Chrisley Grayson Chrisley Instagram
Todd Chrisley Grayson Chrisley Instagram

Noticeably, Julie Chrisley seemed to be the only member of the family that shared photos on Instagram but did not appear in any of the photos. Todd, Savannah, and Chase were all present in at least one of the photos. Chloe Chrisley was also not visible in any of the photos. Though, Todd has previously said he was done answering questions regarding Chloe. So, it is possible he actively chooses not to have her in all of the pictures and video clips.

Todd’s wife gets emotional, kisses her baby boy goodbye

Now, Julie Chrisley was feeling emotional in the caption of her Instagram post. Here’s what the emotional mama had to say about her growing boy:

And just like that my baby @graysonchrisley is going to Homecoming! Where has the time gone?”

Referring to Grayson as her baby, she admits she can’t believe how fast the time as gone. In the comments, Chrisley Knows Best fans seemed to understand what Julie Chrisley was feeling. Many seemed shocked at how old Grayson was looking in these photos.

One individual squealed in a comment liked nearly 100 times: “Omg!!! Look at Gray. Wow. Where has the time gone. He’s just absolutely handsome and his date is beautiful.”

“Seems like yesterday he was in your back seat wanting to go to Hooters lol,” another chimed in.

A third added: “We’ve watched him grow up, and I cannot believe how grown he is…where has the time gone ⁉️ Blessings.”

Julie Chrisley YouTube
Julie Chrisley YouTube

Do you understand why Julie Chrisley got so emotional about this big day for Grayson Chrisley? Are you surprised to see he is on his way to homecoming with his beautiful date? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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