Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Split?! Here’s Why The Bachelor Nation Rumor Mill Thinks So

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Have Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split up again? That’s the rumor making the rounds of Bachelor Nation. Keep reading to find out why people think the Bachelorette alum’s engagement is off for good this time.

Bachelorette Season 16’s not-so-happily ever after ending

Clare Crawley fell for Season 16 suitor Dale Moss almost immediately. The connection was so strong that she left her other potential matches behind and quit the show for Dale. But the fairytale ending she was looking for was bumpier than expected.

Tayshia Adams stepped in as Bachelorette after Clare’s hasty exit. By January of 2020, rumors were churning that things weren’t going great for Dale and Clare. That suspicion was confirmed when Dale unexpectedly announced the break-up on his Instagram, blindsiding Clare.

A few short months later, Clare and Dale got back together. Things had been going well for the couple, or so fans thought. Clare even moved to NYC to be with Dale.

Credit: Dale Moss/Instagram
Credit: Dale Moss/Instagram

Bachelor Nation thinks Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split up again

Things aren’t always what they seem, especially when it comes to Bachelor Nation couples. Clare’s relationship with Dale recently made headlines after a chance run-in with Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston. As viewers know, Blake was one of the suitors left behind after Clare ran off with Dale.

After not finding love with Clare or Tayshia, Blake joined Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, winning Katie’s heart and the final rose. All four of them happened to be the U.S. Open recently. Katie shared a funny video of the encounter, joking she always runs into Blake’s exes.

Clare posted a photo op of the foursome at the tennis event two weeks ago. She hasn’t made any new posts on her Instagram since then. Is there trouble in paradise for her and Dale? Possibly. Here’s why people think the relationship is done for good.

Last week, a photo circulated on Bachelor gossip blogs of Dale sitting mighty close to a mysterious woman. The black-and-white photo shows Dale and a few of his friends in a vehicle. The woman has her arm around Dale, who looks relaxed with his head back and eyes closed.

Credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram
Credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Instagram account @bachelornation.scoop reposted the photo, noting that multiple people have sent it to them via DM. Additionally, multiple sources claim Dale and Clare broke up.

The photo isn’t the only reason why the rumor mill is churning with split rumors. Clare Crawley didn’t post anything on social media wishing Dale Moss a happy birthday, which is very unlike her.

Dale Moss celebrates birthday amid silence from Clare

Dale Moss turned 33-years-old on September 24. He shared several well-wishes from friends on his Instagram Stories. However, one well wisher was noticeably missing.

Credit: Dale Moss/Instagram
Credit: Dale Moss/Instagram

Clare Crawley was completely silent for her rumored fiance’s birthday. Is the relationship over, or is Dale taking his own advice? 

He recently spoke to Us Weekly about the advice he gave Katie and Blake during their run-in. According to Dale, he told the couple to “keep privacy within your relationship.” Perhaps Dale and Clare are just keeping their relationship private.

Do you think Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split up? Or is it just the rumor mill churning out gossip? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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