‘Teen Mom’: Mackenzie Edwards Updates Relationship With Ryan, ‘Turn Your Mess Into A Message’

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Teen Mom couple Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards are updating their fans about the current status of their relationship. They have endured a lot together and are sharing just how things are going for them. Ryan and Mackenzie claim that it has been a hard road to get to where they are today. It has been years of bad feelings and mistakes. However, the former Teen Mom couple claim they are finally in a ‘happy place’ together.

MTV fans will recall Ryan Edwards has definitely had his share of problems over the years. However, after numerous drug arrests and cheating scandals, his wife Mackenzie claims they are learning from their past mistakes.

While things are not good between Ryan and his ex-baby, mama Maci Bookout, he feels he has grown up a lot over the years. Ryan and Maci share one son, Bentley, 12.

Maci and Ryan’s relationship is in a bad place, as Teen Mom fans know. Maci reveals that Bentley currently wants nothing to do with Ryan or the Edwards family. As you may recall, Bentley wanted Ryan to attend therapy with him, and well, to say the least, that did not go as planned.

Mackenzie Edwards Claims She and Ryan Have Grown So Much

So Ryan and Bentley are not spending much time if any, together at this time. As for Maci, she claims she is not forcing the relationship. However, Maci Bookout is facing fan backlash after being accused of posting clickbait to earn a profit.

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Some Teen Mom fans claim that this has to give Mackenzie a bit of satisfaction somewhere along the line. However, Mac claims she has attempted to mend fences with Maci Bookout and is continuously shut down. She is also tired of being to blame for Ryan and Bentley’s issues and being made out to be the bad guy.

Despite the sadness surrounding Ryan and Bentley, he claims he and Mac are very happy together. Ryan and Mackenzie share children, Jagger, 2, and Stella, 1.

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Mackenzie Edwards | Instagram

Ryan Edwards, per The Sun, claims he has overcome his drug addiction and owes a lot to his wife Mackenzie for his success. 

“My relationship with her is great; we’ve been married almost five years now, states Ryan.

Mackenzie added: “We are in a happy place at the moment. Nobody is saying that we haven’t made mistakes because we have. But I’m not going to harp over them or live in sadness or shame over the past five years. People can say that it’s embarrassing and that I have no dignity and that I’m a horrible person, they can say everything they want to say, that’s fine. 

The Ball Is In Maci Bookout’s Court

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“I will always stand beside that because you can always turn your mess into a message. Sometimes you make the right decisions, and sometimes you don’t. You can’t change the past; you can only move forward.”

According to Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards, they are content with life now. They are working together to build a better and brighter future together. What does this mean for Bentley?  Both Ryan and Mac claim they want Bentley in their lives. It will all come down to one day sitting down and working through their differences with Maci Bookout. Until that day, all they can do is keep on living their lives the best way they know-how.

Do you believe Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards are finally in a good place together?

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