‘Live PD’ Dan Abrams And Sean “Sticks” Larkin Reunite For New Show

[Credit: Dan Abrams/Instagram]

Live PD host Dan Abrams and commentator Sean “Sticks” Larkin are back together again. The two will host a new program on News Nation. The ABC News chief legal analyst spoke out about his new primetime program. That’s right, he’s making a big return to primetime.

This comes about a year after A&E pulled the plug on the docuseries. The cable network made the decision amid the Black Lives Matter protests and the news of George Floyd’s death. Some critics felt that the show was too much like “copaganda” that glamorized police work. Read on more about the new project which brought Dan and Sean back together again.

Dan Abrams hosts his new eponymous show on NewsNation

The Live PD host moved to a bipartisan station. Dan Abrams Live will give the audience a neutral and clear perspective that can help them dissect the current issues of the day, but also shows Dan Abrams and Sean “Sticks” Larkin discussing them in a reasonable debate. NewsNation launched in September 2020. However, it’s having a hard time attracting new viewers.

It’s hoping that it can entice former Live PD fans. In July, the media company announced that it penned Dan Abrams to host and produce the program. Dan Abram Live will kick off on Monday, September 27 at 8 p.m. Eastern. The hour-long show will feature analysis and discussion.

[Credit: Dan Abrams/Instagram]
[Credit: Dan Abrams/Instagram]
NewsNation was founded as an alternative to bias news reporting found on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. The 55-year-old will serve as a contributor to the program. Dan Abrams is best known for hosting Live PD, the documentary-style series that followed police departments across the nation in live time. The reality series was the No. 1 program on the cable network until it was canceled last year.

In addition, Dan is the founder and chief executive of Abrams Media, which also owns the law industry news site Mediaite and the Law & Crime TV network. He’s said to be the biggest name to join NewsNation. In the meantime, it fails to amass millions of viewers. It’s only averaged 31,000 viewers during its primetime coverage.

Live PD stars to reunite once again

Dan Abrams wants to avoid partisanship on his show. In a promotional ad, the Live PD alum addressed the media and his mission for his new series. He watched three cable news hosts from a chair. Then, he stepped out in front of them to speak.

“So many cable news hosts are playing a part like you guys are,” Dan Abrams says. “I get it. You feel the heat to pick a side, pick a party. Too much riding on this for you to be honest about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Well, I’m not going to cheer for a team. I’m also not going to fake objectivity. I’m gonna be honest with our viewers about what I think and let them decide.”

Earlier this month, he took to his blog to announce that Sean “Sticks” Larkin will “become a regular contributor on the show.” As for the future of Live PD, Dan admitted that he felt “confident” about it returning earlier this year. Now, he’s “incredibly dismayed” that it hasn’t returned. Despite what fans think, Dan says he does not have “financial stake” in the show and he can’t bring it back from the dead.

For now, fans can watch Dan Abrams Live on NewsNation on September 27.

Chanel Adams


  1. I watched it for a few minutes on Monday, not impressed. Either Bring back the Real Live PD or move on, show your support for LEO’s and stop playing games. There are more good cops than bad ones, every profession has bad apples.

  2. Please use common sense…if you don’t like the show or the content……Don’t watch. K.I.S.S. ya know…keep it simple ….

  3. Personally believe the reason Sticks left the show was poor little woke Abrams was offended and butt hurt from the “F” bombs that Sticks dropped on him during the last show he was on. My advice would be get rid of Abrams and put Sticks back on and in charge.

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