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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Brendan & Pieper Shock Fans On Instagram

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Bachelor in Paradise is nearing the end of the newest season. However, it looks like the drama will continue on. One of the most controversial couples on the show has unfollowed each other on Instagram. Seems Paradise was not all it was cracked up to be.

The Bachelor in Paradise couple no one liked

Anyone who watched Bachelor in Paradise this summer knows that there were some couples that were abusing the system. Brendan and Pieper were one of those couples. At first, Pieper wasn’t on the show so Brendan made what turned out to be fake connections with other women. As soon as Pieper showed up he dropped them like a hot potato.

After that, he and Pieper got really cozy really fast. This made so many people in paradise very angry because they felt they were wasting everyone’s time. Some thought that they were only on the show to gain fame and followers.

All of Paradise basically decided to kick the couple out. They ended up going home and they did not look happy in the car.

Even after going home, they tried to convince fans that they were not in a relationship before filming.

“As my time in paradise concludes, I would like to clear up one final point of contention. Amidst everything that’s been happening on and off screen. Brendan and I were not in an exclusive relationship in any capacity before filming.”

Apparently, they weren’t happy

It seems they thought they would stay together for a long time. However, now, according to Screenrant, the couple has unfollowed each other on Instagram. That is certainly not a good sign for their relationship. A few weeks ago, Pieper revealed that she was working on things with Brendan.

Pieper James | Instagram

“We’re working through things,” she says about their relationship. “This obviously isn’t something that’s super healthy for a relationship either, so it kind of is what it is. Every day, [we’re] taking it day by day.”

It seems like at the end of the day, the constant scrutiny really might have gotten to the couple. Either that or they are pretending to split up so they get their fans back. Either way, it wouldn’t really be much of a surprise. It will be interesting to see how or if their relationship progresses in the future.

Brendan Morais | Instagram

Did you like this Bachelor in Paradise couple together? Or did you think they were wasting everyone’s time? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation stars

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  1. I think they were wasting everyone’s time when it came to everyone getting on him bout piper he really didn’t have anything to say to them and it was kind of funny he was making fake connections to get roses to stay cause he knew she was coming then when she showed up it was all bout her and and the way they was acting they had a relationship on the outside but I think it’s messed up the get on him with piper but they didn’t get on the one that was doing the same thing to Natasha

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