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‘Below Deck Med’: Was Captain Sandy Too Soft On Lexi Wilson?

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Below Deck Med fans think Captain Sandy Yawn was too soft on Lexi Wilson. The stew finally got fired on Monday night’s episode. However, fans didn’t like how it went down. It all started after the crew’s disastrous day out, which was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

However, the crew got drunker and more disgruntled as the night went on. Lexi went head-to-head with Chef Mathew Shea once again. The two hurled insults and offensive names at each other. Lexi said she wished he was “aborted,” which caused outrage among both crew members and the viewers.

When it came to Lexi’s firing, it wasn’t what fans expected.

Below Deck Med fans think Sandy was too “soft”

The following morning, chief stew Katie Flood asked to speak with Captain Sandy Yawn. She told her what happened the night before. Sandy was disgusted to hear that the crew didn’t get along, especially during their outing. The Below Deck Med star felt it was a special occasion for them to get along and celebrate what they overcame this season so far. Katie shared the offensive words that Lexi and Mathew exchanged that night.

Sandy gathered Katie, Lexi, and Mathew together for a meeting. For most of the meeting, Mathew and Lexi finger-pointed at each other. Mathew tried to give her an ultimatum, which made her erupt. The captain told her crew members that she doesn’t do ultimatums and that she calls the shots. She ended the meeting as she had a difficult decision to make.

[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
Sandy took a softer approach when she fired Lexi. Fans noticed that she complimented the stew and gave her a hug. Some said it was nicer than when she fired chief stew Hannah Ferrier and many others on the show. However, Sandy wanted to end things on a high note.

Captain Sandy Yawn explains her approach

She made an appearance on the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show. Captain Sandy Yawn explained why she went softer on Lexi than she did with other crew members. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the reality star was not aware of the former Miss Bahama’s bad behavior. Sandy was only given part of the story.

“When I sit down with the crew, obviously I invest in them,” Captain Sandy Yawn said on the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show. “So I don’t ever want someone who’s leaving the vessel to feel like they’re a total failure in life. There are other things that are at play here.”

At the time, the sea captain felt like Lexi was a good person. But she didn’t go out with the crew at night to see what she was really like. If Sandy was aware of what really happened, things would’ve gone differently. Lexi would’ve been fired earlier in the season.

“When you get in people’s faces and threaten them physically, especially in a workplace, that will never work for you,” Sandy explained. “That’s something that I would really take a hard look at.”

Captain Sandy explained she only did what was best for the crew. However, fans think she should’ve been harsher on Lexi. Others think she should’ve been aware of how intense the fights were so she would’ve acted sooner. Some fans even blame Katie for her soft position this season.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Captain Sandy Yawn was too soft on Lexi? Are you just happy that Lexi is fired? Sound off below in the comments.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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