‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Gives Robyn A Big Slap In The Face With Latest Move?

Sister Wives christine Brown Robyn Brown Youtube

Sister Wives star Christine Brown shows her true colors when it comes to her fellow sister wife Robyn Brown with her latest social media post. Both women share their husband, Kody Brown, with themselves, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown. Christine is Kody’s third wife, and Robyn is his four and legal wife. However, Christine always expected to be Kody’s last wife. Now it seems pretty evident the contempt and jealousy Christine Brown may have for Robyn Brown. Read on to see how Christine’s latest action looked so petty.

Sister Wives Christine Brwon - Robyn Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Christine Brwon – Robyn Brown Youtube

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Publicly Shades Robyn Brown

Sister Wives celebrity Christine Brown showed off her evil side this week. She was feeling wicked and stepped out of her comfort zone and tapped into her dark side. Kody Brown’s third wife shared her love of jewelry retailer Kendra Scott with her thousands of friends and followers on Instagram. She was touting how fabulous Kendra’s line is. Plus, she also shared information on how one could design their own personalized and unique jewelry on Kendra’s site.

Sister Wives watchers recall Robyn Brown once had a jewelry line and business she ran called My Sister Wives Closet. No matter how much she asked, none of her fellow wives would help her with that business. So as Christine so vocally endorses Kendra Scott, SW fans cannot help but notice that this is quite the slap in the face to Robyn. Many would argue that it shows how Christine really feels about Kody’s fourth wife.

Sister Wives Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

SW: If Only ChristineWas As Passionate About Robyn’s Jewelry

Perhaps Robyn Brown’s My Sister Wives Closet would have been a raging success if only Christine put forth the same intensity and enthusiasm she does for rival retailer Kendra Scott. The fact Christine didn’t bother speaks volumes. One would think if one wife is a success, they all are. However, it’s evident Christine had no interest in seeing Robyn’s business taking off. If only Christine and Meri Brown used their vast social media following to help Robyn, My Sister Wives Closet would be the family’s primary source of income.

Sister Wives fans recall Christine always wanted to be Kody’s third wife. From things she has said on the show she never in a million years dreamed that they would add a fourth wife. Yet, that is exactly what happened. In fact, Robyn married Kody while Christine was in the last weeks of her pregnancy with Truly Brown. So the extra time one of Kody’s wives gets after birthing one of his kids was taken from her as he was busy attending to his new wife.

Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Instagram

The new Sister Wives season kicks off  Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 10 pm on TLC.

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  1. Why is it a slap in the face because she admired someone else’s jewellery? I never liked Robyn’s jewellery either. Maybe it’s just a matter of what she really likes. Nothing like trying to create false drama!!!

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