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‘Below Deck Med’: Captain Sandy Didn’t Know The Whole Story About Lexi

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Below Deck Med star Captain Sandy revealed that she “wasn’t told the whole story” of what happened with Lexi Wilson. The stew made a controversial debut in Season 6. Earlier on in the season, she got into an explosive fight with her crew members. Fans feel that she should’ve been fired after that night.

Lexi struggled to apologize for her actions. She has been on her best behavior for the most part, but her work ethic is still questionable at best. Chief stew Katie Flood had to hire another stew to help pick up the slack. As for Sandy, she said she wasn’t informed about Lexi’s behavior. If so, she would’ve been fired a long time ago.

Captain Sandy Yawn was left in the dark

The Below Deck Med star said she “wasn’t told the whole” story. Captain Sandy wasn’t aware that Lexi wasn’t good at her job. Let alone, she was not aware of what happened that very night. A very drunk Lexi lashed out at most of her fellow crew members.

Fans were disgusted when she shoved her breasts in Lloyd Spencer’s face. She also lashed out at Malia White and called her deck team degenerates. Lexi didn’t remember what happened the next day. She was hungover, but far from remorseful. The former Miss Bahamas attempted to apologize to the crew during a meeting, but they didn’t think it was genuine.

[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
On top of that, Lexi’s work ethic has gotten worse over the weeks ahead. Katie had her work the morning shift, but it didn’t turn out the way she anticipated. Lexi didn’t like being switched to the early shift. So, she made sure that she wasn’t good at her job.

On Tuesday, September 14, fans wanted to know why Sandy didn’t fire Lexi any sooner. “Lexi’s attitude, hatefulness, laziness & uselessness are apparent, but Sandy is oblivious or intentionally ignoring. Hard to respect Sandy this season,” one fan wrote.

As for Sandy, she didn’t get to see that side of Lexi. She only saw her when she was on her best behavior. A frazzled Katie didn’t mention how bad Lexi’s work ethic was.

“I can only respond to what I see. I also wasn’t told the whole story about the hot tub night,” Sandy wrote. “Of course things would have been different.”

Does the Below Deck Med star get fired?

Below Deck Med fans wonder if Lexi will ever get fired. Unfortunately, having a new stew onboard hasn’t worked out. Katie was afraid to fire Lexi, but it didn’t take her long to fire Delaney Evans. She felt that the green crew member didn’t live up to her standards.

However, she was invited to the crew’s day off. As fans know, the crew’s outings have a lot of drinking. Towards the end of last Monday night’s episode, Lexi and Chef Mathew Shea were arguing with each other once again. Things are expected to heat up for the crew and not in a good way. Fans are wondering if this will be the last time that they will see Lexi on their screens.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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