‘Teen Mom’: Kailyn Lowry Spills New Baby News

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is confirming that another baby is on the way. Lowry reveals that her children will be getting a new baby brother or sister soon.

Lowry recently took to Instagram, revealing the happy baby announcement to fans. On Wednesday, Kail writes, “Congratulations to Chris and his new family. So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love.”

Kailyn’s followers were both happy and relieved to find that at this time, it was not Kail who was expecting a new baby but her ex-Chris Lopez. Earlier in the day, the reality star boasts that she feels her biggest achievement is that people only know what she wants them to about her life.

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowery - Chris Lopez - Youtube
Teen Mom Kailyn Lowery – Chris Lopez – Youtube


Kailyn Lowry Pulls A Petty Move

“My biggest flex is that nobody ever knows what’s really going on in my life. Where I am, who I’m with, what my next move is, unless I make it known,” the message reads. “Therefore, anything anyone says is just an assumption.” Kail adds: “Happy to be here.”

This is a bold statement coming from someone who shares daily about her life and goings-on around her. Upon breaking Lopez’s baby news, Chris claps back at his ex, responding, “If they ain’t giving you the right attention, I get it, but this ain’t the way to get mine.”

This response makes fans feel that Lopez is not thrilled with Kailyn Lowry for putting his business out on social media. Who can blame him? It is not as if Kail has been kind and considerate when it comes to Chris according to The Heavy.

Kailyn Lowery Instagram
Kailyn Lowery Instagram


The two have quite a turbulent past. Lowry and Lopez share Lux, 4, and Creed, 1. It did not take long before Lowry’s followers began commenting on her Chris Lopez baby news. Many believe that Kailyn is bitter and jealous. 

Will Kailyn Lowry Have A Fifth Baby?

 “She can post this acting like it makes him look dumb (which it does, three kids now man?) but it also just makes her look incredibly bitter about it,” they said. 

“How long now before she announces her own pregnancy out of revenge/spite?” they asked.

Kailyn Lowry has always been very open about the possibility of her having a fifth baby. So future pregnancy news from Kail will not come as a shock to Teen Mom fans. Blabbing Chris Lopez’s baby news comes just days after the Teen Mom 2 star claims she has spent more than $80K on legal fees battling one of her exes in court.

Kailyn Lowery Instagram
Kailyn Lowery Instagram

 Kail, 29, did not call out which ex she was battling that cost her so much cash. But, it doesn’t take much for her followers to put two and two together and get Chris Lopez. The Coffee and Convos podcast host also reveals that she is fed up with fighting with her kid’s fathers. However, she does not say anything about doing things to annoy them.

Do you feel Kailyn Lowry was petty announcing Chris Lopez’s business?



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