Lifetime’s ‘Imperfect High’ Stars Nia Sioux, Sherri Shepherd

Lifetime's Imperfect High-

Moving to a new school can be tough, but in this new Lifetime movie, it can lead to anxiety and addiction! This is a relatable tragedy that tests a family. This new cautionary tale is called Imperfect High. This movie is the follow-up to the Lifetime 2015 hit, Perfect High, with starred Bella Thorne.

This movie stars Nia Sioux (Dance Moms, The Bold and The Beautiful), Ali Skovbye (Firefly Lane, The Gourmet Detective), and Sherri Shepherd (Mr. Iglesias, Call Your Mother).

Both Sherri Shepherd and Nia Sioux are familiar to Lifetime viewers. Sherri had her self-titled comedy on the network. Of course, Nia Sioux is a familiar face to anyone who watches Dance Moms. Nia was included in nearly 200 episodes.

What Is Lifetime’s Imperfect High About?

Here is the synopsis of Lifetimes Imperfect High. Per The Futon critic, this movie is the story of Hanna Brooks (Sioux). Her family has moved. Now she is the new girl in town. She is just looking to find her place and fit in.

However, her new school, Lakewood High School, was rocked a couple of years earlier by the shocking drug overdose of a popular student. Subsequently, Hanna suffers from an anxiety disorder. It turns out that this move to a new school has been triggering and is experiencing anxiety.

Moreover, while trying to fit in with the “in” crowd, she finds herself pulled between two boys. The first boy is bad news. However, he has a heart of gold. As for the other guy, he is popular and well-liked. But, he is hiding a serious secret, including living a different life from his reality.

Hanna’s involvement with these two guys has put her into a very dangerous situation. However, mom, Deborah (Shepherd), is poised and ready for action. She is determined to save her daughter from this dire situation.

Lifetime, Imperfect High-
Lifetime, Imperfect High-

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Imperfect High?

Catch the premiere of Imperfect High on Saturday, September 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime. In addition, during the movie premiere, Lifetime will share information on SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), on the network, as well as their social media.

Teens are facing substance abuse, which is causing family issues. These tools can help turn around a nightmare substance abuse situation.

The Price Of Fitting In Is Inspired By True Story

After Lifetime’s Imperfect High, be sure to stay on Lifetime and watch The Price of Fitting In. This movie is inspired by a true story.

According to The Futon Critic, Amber’s worst nightmare comes true when her teenage daughter, Charlie, begins to hang out with the wrong crowd at her school.

Soon, Charlie’s drug addiction causes issues in the home. Amber has to figure out how to save her daughter.

The Price of Fitting In premieres on Saturday, September 19, at 10 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime.

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