See Mama June’s INCREDIBLE Transformation Since Ditching Geno Doak

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Turns out, Mama June Shannon has had a pretty incredible transformation since splitting from Geno Doak. Now, the WeTV star hasn’t been flaunting her transformation on Instagram. In fact, she hasn’t been very active on Instagram. The last time she posted to her profile was toward the beginning of July. But, she has been extremely active on TikTok. In fact, it is extremely common for her to post several videos a day on her TikTok profile.

As we previously reported, Mama June Shannon has actually been revealing a pretty substantial amount of tea via her TikTok profile. She noted that those who follow her know nothing about her real life. But, she did want to clear the air just a little bit. For starters, she needed to address rumors she’s been sleeping around since ditching Geno Doak. Mama June fesses up that she has made a lot of new male friends. But, she can be friends with a man without sleeping with him. Her TikTok activity, however, also revealed something else. It revealed she’s very much single. And, very much ready for love.

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Mama June Shannon’s transformation into single life is beautiful

Her TikTok following is relatively small compared to her Instagram following. And, she doesn’t get nearly as many comments on TikTok as she does on Instagram. But, that hasn’t stopped her from being extremely active. Those who follow her on TikTok agree she’s had a beautiful transformation since she ditched Geno and embraced being single.

In fact, Mama June posted a video about how incredible the past six months of her life have been. Moreover, she’s posted videos about looking forward to finding and embracing a big and real love. Those who have watched this beautiful transformation unfold on TikTok agree the WeTV star seems to have realized Geno was NOT good for her. And, she really appears to have blossomed without her.

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In one recent video, fans agree Mama June looks simply breathtaking. Her hair is growing out and looks healthy as ever. She has long and voluminous curls bouncing around. And, her makeup she’s rocking in the video looks incredible. It is clear that the reality TV star is much happier and mentally healthier with where she is in life right now. Moreover, being single and away from Geno looks INCREDIBLE on her.

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Fans have thoughts on her new look as a single woman

Fans have chimed into the comments of her TikToks to reassure her there is a big love out there waiting for her. Fans are hopeful the next man in her life will be much better for her than Geno ever was.

Don’t you agree that Mama June has had a beautiful transformation since she became single? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this reality TV star.

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