‘GH’ Spoilers: Sonny Is Back And Furious, Limo Explodes Shakes Up PC

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Friday’s episode of General Hospital was an explosive one, and spoilers tease the week of September 20 will be intense as well. Sonny has finally regained his memory, after nearly dying in the fire at the Tan-O, and he’s furious with Nina. Back in Port Charles, Jason and Carly married and are excited for their reception. However, other members of the Five Families planned to blow up their limo, and that moment happened right at the end of the September 17 show. What can fans expect next?

General Hospital Fans Suspect A Bomb Switcheroo

After Carly and Jason’s wedding ceremony, they headed to the limo that would take them to their reception. In another limo sat two of the heads of other mob organizations within the Five Families. They had orchestrated the plan to have Carly and Jason blown to smithereens and they were anxious to see it happen. However, General Hospital  spoilers hint they may end up blown up instead.

One of the Five Family heads, Nina Wu of The Triad, whispered something to Jason after the ceremony. She had been coordinating with Vincent Novak and Charles Buscema, the other two mobsters, regarding this bombing plan. However, it may be that she decided she’d rather continue to work with Carly and Jason than the other two men. Did she perhaps cross the two men and have the bomb planted on their limo instead? Some General Hospital fans have a hunch that’s the case.

Credit: ABC General Hospital
Credit: ABC General Hospital

Spoilers Suggest The Wedding Festivities Continue

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soapsthe celebration continues during Monday’s episode. Carly and Jason are not mentioned at all in the spoilers that are available. However, it seems quite clear they’ll be fine. Maxie and Spinelli will share “a moment” at the wedding reception, and later next week Michael and Willow will talk about their next steps. If Carly and Jason had been in the limo that blew up, surely neither of those scenarios would take place.

This wedding was initially put together so Carly and Jason could put up a united front with the Five Families. However, they both embraced the sparks of chemistry they’ve always shared, and they seem poised to consummate this marriage and prepare to move forward as a true couple. Of course, neither of them knows they are about to get a massive surprise.

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Sonny’s Back And Furious

Recently, General Hospital star Maurice Benard teased Sonny’s return. This has been months in the making, and spoilers promise high drama in the days ahead. During Friday’s show, Sonny confronted Nina and told her he remembered everything. Nina may scramble to do damage control here, but all signs point toward her effort being unsuccessful.

How soon will Sonny head back to Port Charles? It seems it may take a few more episodes, and General Hospital fans suspect he won’t be home again until after Carly and Jason share some frisky times. Spoilers signal this will all be quite crazy in the days ahead and viewers have been waiting a long time for the drama on the horizon.

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