Tyra Banks Defends ‘DWTS’ Season 30 Controversial Casting Choice

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The full Dancing With The Stars Season 30 cast list is out. Fans are really excited for this milestone season but don’t love every single cast member. In fact, plenty of fans are really riled up about the decision to cast Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s daughter. The college admissions scandal didn’t paint the family in the best light. But even so, executive producer Tyra Banks is standing her ground.

Olivia Jade isn’t a popular choice for DWTS, but Tyra Banks has her back

As executive producer and hostess of Dancing With The Stars, Tyra Banks isn’t interested in hearing negative comments about Olivia Jade. Her family created a lot of drama after her parents Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli served jail time after they paid bribes to get Olivia and her sister into college.

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“I think Olivia is so brave. I think people don’t know her, they know what happened to her,” Tyra said in an exclusive interview with ET. “She has said that she did not know about what was going on and it’s really sad, and it’s very hurtful when something publicly happens but you had nothing to do with it. So I trust that she says she didn’t know.”

“She is having to deal with that and I think she’s coming to¬†Dancing With the Stars to be able to tell her story and show her vulnerability,” the DWTS went on to say. “And is she a celebrity? Not traditionally, but what is a celebrity today? If that’s the case then there’s no Instagram influencer that is a celebrity. We are in a whole different world and celebrity has taken a turn and a change.”

If anyone else understands Dancing With The Stars controversy, it’s Tyra Banks. But is her defense enough to convince fans to warm up to Olivia Jade?

Olivia Jade’s partner will definitely not tolerate nonsense

We won’t know the official DWTS cast pairings until premiere night on Monday. However, it’s been leaked ahead of time that Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy will be partners.

The Ukrainian and Russian pros have a reputation for being a little bossy in the ballroom. Val Chmerkovskiy hails from Ukraine and will definitely not tolerate any silliness in the rehearsal room. It’s been reported that he could be very harsh with his former partner Zendaya, even though she was only a teenager at the time. But even so, Val and Zendaya took second place in their season. Perhaps his heavy-handedness pays off?

Tune into the Dancing With The Stars season premiere to see how Olivia Jade and Val perform. Tyra Banks will be back in the ballroom to host another season of the popular dance show. We can’t wait to see who takes home the Mirrorball Trophy this year.

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