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‘Love After Lockup’: Are Kristianna & John Expecting A Baby?

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Kristianna and John have become one of Love After Lockup’s most interesting couples. So much so they have been featured on its spin-off, Life After Lockup. Their current storyline involves John re-proposing to his wife after some hiccups while she was back in jail. However, viewers cannot help but be fixated on one thing- is Kristianna expecting?

Kristianna: A Baby and Love After Lockup?

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

There was a lot for Kristianna to digest when she emerged from prison. Her husband had flirted with her sister, Tara while she was away. Kris’s mom and Tara had come to stay with John while she was locked up for leaving her halfway house. Tara had been putting the moves on John and he almost gave in. This was not something Kristianna wanted to learn from people she loved and trusted.

John knows he messed up and has admittedly cheated on most of the women he has been with. His daughter stopped by to remind him not to screw it up this time. So, he arranged a Bonnie and Clyde photoshoot as a way to propose to his wife again. He wants to give her the wedding she deserves and a chance to start over. Does this mean a baby?

Back in February, Kris’s son squashed all pregnancy rumors, saying any weight gain was from jail. Now, she is saying she is looking forward to adding to her brood. During an Instagram live, Kristianna said they definitely were looking forward to having kids together. Now that she is proving she can stay healthy, the time may come sooner rather than later.

Constant Speculation

She may not be pregnant yet but Kristianna has been under constant speculation since Season 3 of Life After Lockup began. Viewers have asked about her tummy and won’t stop. It has led them to believe she is pregnant which actually started the initial speculation when she was released early this year. As her son mentioned, it is just weight gain from being in prison.

Credit: John Miller Instagram
Credit: John Miller Instagram

Yet, fans can be harsh. One tweeted this: “Sorry Kristianna. I thought you were pregnant because you and John are back together, your stomach was round, you’re of childbearing age, and your husband is virile.” Another followed it up with: “Is Kristianna pregnant or not in the current season. I thought I heard she had a baby but I can’t remember.”

It appears she is taking it all in stride and trying to live her best sober life. Hopefully, she can continue down this path and start the family with John she wants when she is ready. Keep watching this Love After Lockup couple continue their journey on Life After Lockup every Friday night on WEtv.




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