‘Teen Mom’: Chelsea Houska Flaunts Weight Loss In Sports Bra & Booty Shorts


Former Teen Mom Chelsea Houska is flaunting her tremendous weight loss just months after giving birth to her fourth child.

According to The Sun, the 30-year-old mother of four took to Instagram to share her latest photo revealing a fit and toned figure. Chelsea Houska snaps the image while in the gym working out.

Chelsea reveals she is going hard with intense workouts to regain her slim post-baby figure. The ex-MTV reality star reveals the benefits of all her hard work. Snapping a selfie in front of the mirror, Chelsea looks to be the picture of health.


Chelsea Houska’s Baby Weight Falling Off Fast

Houska shows off her trim physique wearing a black sports bra and tight booty shorts during her workout routine. The busy mom captions the photo, “I got my ass whooped,” as she refers to her workout. She reveals she loves to hit the gym when she is not filming or busy with her children, Aubree, 11, Watson, 4, Layne, 3, and Walker, 8, months.


Chelsea Houska’s fans reveal their shock over Chelsea’s weight loss and share many comments praising the young mom’s hard word. However, while followers praise Chelsea’s weight loss, they are not too keen on how much work she continues to do to her face.

“Chelsea looks about 50 with all those fillers that are floating around in her face.”

Another shared: “Yeah, in the photo where she’s hugging Aubree, and you can see the tat, she looks in her 40s.”

Chelsea loves using a lot of makeup. She also loves to tan. However, fans continue to blast Houska for heavily editing her photos and even call her out for being too ‘orange.’


Internet Trolls Attack Former Teen Mom’s Chelsea, Jenelle, and Farrah

The former Teen Mom star often complains about receiving too much criticism from Internet trolls. But, she reveals some days, she has enough and replies back to them.

“Sometimes it’s nice to put people in their place if they’re saying something mean and you just want to say something back … but it’s always best to take the high road.”


Chelsea added that she has received “so much” criticism from strangers, sharing: “We’re on a show called Teen Mom. We’ve heard it all.”

Houska left the hit Teen Mom 2 series in 2020 to focus on the next chapter in her life. She reveals she is developing her brand and is looking forward to getting to the next level.

Chelsea Houska is not the only former Teen Mom star who receives constant criticism from social media followers. Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham usually also believe they deal with more than their share of Internet critics.


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