‘BIP’ Jade Roper Tolbert Mourns Pregnancy Loss

Jade Roper Tolbert maternity via Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper Tolbert is opening up about pregnancy loss. She met Tanner Tolbert when they both appeared on Paradise. The two got engaged and went on to have three beautiful babies together. Now, she’s sharing a video and some information for anyone struggling with miscarriage loss.

Jade Roper Tolbert opens up about loss

It’s been six years since Jade Roper lost a pregnancy. She still grieves for the child she never knew. Jade made a TikTok showing herself upset and also showing an ultrasound. She said, “Even though it’s been over six years I never got to really meet you.” The song playing was “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals.

Her caption also read, “Honestly, it’s more than sometimes. 💕#miscarriage #1in4 #sometimesallithinkaboutisyou #momsoftiktok”

No doubt Jade and Tanner both wonder what their baby would have been like.

Jade also shared a photo on Instagram stories that answers a few questions about how to approach someone who has suffered a loss.

In 2019, Jade and Tanner revealed their first loss on a YouTube video. At the time she said, “I had a miscarriage. These words have burned inside me for over three years. I was honestly so scared to share our story, because I have always had this inner voice that’s said I don’t matter as much, especially when it comes to my struggles or my pain. My journey with my grief has been a rollercoaster, and so I’ve never even known really where to start with telling others. I’ve also been afraid to tell people Tanner and I got pregnant on Bachelor in Paradise while filming.”


Honestly, it’s more than sometimes. 💕#miscarriage #1in4 #sometimesallithinkaboutisyou #momsoftiktok

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Jade and Tanner

These two are the perfect match. They are living life in California and enjoying raising their children together. Jade and Tanner just noted a big day for daughter Emmy. She started school! Emmy is 4 and starting to be a big girl. Jade shared photos of the big day on Instagram.

Jade said, “Emmy started her 2nd year of Montessori! She picked out her whole outfit from the hair style she wanted to the jewelry. 😂😍😍 She loves school and her friends and was so excited for today because there was going to be new kids to be friends with! 🥺 Emmy, you are brighter than sunshine! ☀️ swipe to the end to see how much she’s changed in just six months!”

They also have son Brooks, who made his big debut in their master bedroom closet. It was a moment none of them will ever forget.

Reed, their youngest son, is beginning to look a lot like his mommy as she points out on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jade and Tanner.


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