‘SW’: Meri Brown Cuts Ties With Kody & His Other Three Wives

Sister Wives Meri Brown Instagram

Meri Brown appears to have cut ties with Kody and all three of his other wives. How exactly has Meri cut ties with Kody and his other three wives? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown continues to send mixed information to fans

As we previously reported, Meri Brown has been a little more open to responding to comments regarding her family on social media. We know she was quick to correct the fact that Robyn Brown’s children are also her children. She’s also quick to remind fans she is still married to Kody and she still has three sister wives. That being said, her recent social media activity contradicts everything she’s said in defense of the family she claims she’s still a part of.

Sister Wives Janelle - Christine - Robyn - Meri/Youtube
Sister Wives Janelle – Christine – Robyn – Meri/Youtube

TLC star cuts ties with Kody and his other three wives

A quick scroll through Meri Brown’s Instagram page reveals there isn’t a very long list of people she follows. Turns out, she’s recently unfollowed nearly everyone attached to her husband Kody Brown. This includes all three of his other wives Robyn, Janelle, and Christine. In fact, Meri has also unfollowed nearly all of Kody’s children that have Instagram profiles as well.

This is a move that has Sister Wives fans baffled as this was a woman who was just defending her marriage and family that she was still very much a part of on Instagram recently. Has something changed that caused an even bigger rift between Meri and the rest of her family?

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

Now, it is possible Meri Brown unfollowed nearly everyone connected to her husband Kody and his other wives just to stir the pot. After all, many fans believe that is the same reason Meri Brown posts so many cryptic messages on Instagram. Is she just trying to create some drama to hype up the family before Season 16 drops?

Are you surprised to see Meri Brown has cut ties with Kody and his other three wives? Doesn’t this go against her recent actions of defending her family on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

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  1. All three of the other wives, know just like the rest of us know that Robyn runs the show! Robyn knows exactly what she is doing!! Meri should have never brought her in. Then Robyn’s always getting smart with her!! I would have never divorced kody! Why couldn’t Kody just told Christine the damn rules! He had to go back to Robyn and get their lies right! I called this years ago. I knew she would get rid of them one by one!! I can’t believe the others are allowing her to get away with this crap!! She is the one that needs to go and take her baggages with her!

    1. I totally agree with you. Everything fell apart when she came into the family. Jody’s kids will never forgive him for what he is doing.Robin needs to GO

      1. If they ALL left? He’d have what he makes now but the zeal’s have made money independently for years not…together and separate from each other. No more filling HIS pockets and they’d live very well.

      2. The reason they said so Kody could adopt her children, so they could get insurance on them. I ask the question? Why did Christine start a go fund me account to help pay for ysebal’s operation, last I read she has it almost paid off. The sorry dad, would not go with them for her Hugh surgery. I would love to know does he have insurance on the rest of the kids that stays at home.
        I just loath this man!! If meri is stupid enough to stay with him, and he has told her right to her face. I am not in love with you,we will never get back together again. I know he wouldn’t see my face or a penny of my money again. I am so happy Christine is leaving him, on one of those earlier shows he was screaming, like he lost his mind. I think he never thought Christine would.ever leave him?

    2. What bothers me a lot is when Kody told Christine not to get a lawyer when they were talking about child support/custody. ARE YOU KIDDING? This man should be paying for all minor children as Christine IS his “common law wife” in legal terms.

      His cowardice at the beginning of covid was a poor example for his family & later became an excuse for his poor behavior & his ego is causing him to completely lose it. While Christine stayed calm & cool…he & Robyn lost it. I was very proud of her and Jannelle (who’s always been my personal favorite of the wives…at least I can relate to her the most). Yes, I’m here to bitch with you all about this family, as I’m a long time watcher & sad about where this has gone. I do believe he & Robyn have conspired to get their way on many occasions. Trust goes both ways, Kody.

      1. Kody was not afraid of COVID, he and Robyn used COVID to push the rest of the family away. they had a nanny coming into their home, but no family members could? we all saw this going downhill as soon Robyn came along. I never trusted her!!

  2. Meri is pathetic.She thinks it’s funny to be stupid and on the outside looking in even though she is the matriarch of all the wives.Kody is selfish and childish.Janelle and Christine seems to be real women and Robin is so fake and needs to go back where she came from.

  3. I understand what Meri is doing hopeful that things would turn around for her and Cody, but at this stage I think she should leave. Robyn is obviously the only true wife. I am embarrassed for Cody and is lack of understanding that his other children not just Robyn’s need him you cannot tell me that Cody could have not met with his children for social distance walks and kept those relationships strong. He has daily interaction with he and Robyn’s children but what about all the others he brought into this world they are missing out. Shameful he wants to kick his older children out of their home good for you Janelle. Ysabel’s surgery without her dad awful he has been in quarantine why could he have not gone and then quarantine for 2 weeks on the way back everyone else except Robyn’s has to deal without Cody’s presence for months and she has a nanny.

  4. I wonder where they’d all be without the funds from filming….I’m not sure any have ‘legitimate’ jobs?!? Heyho, their little empire might burn to the ground if the show is axed 🤷‍♀️
    It’s all so fake…that said, I’m glad Christine is out🎉

  5. I am so sick and tired of Meri playing the victim and hanging onto to someone who doesn’t want her except for the money she contributes to keep his lazy ass and Robyn in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. He isn’t the Big Catch that he thinks he is!! Meri, please have some self respect and stop wasting your time waiting for a guy who gave you the boot so he could marry someone younger and boost his own ego.

  6. A couple thing bothered me about Cody & Robyn’s treatment of the different children:
    1) he divorced Meri and married Robyn so that he could adopt her children so they could get health insurance, yet Christine’s children didn’t have health insurance (she had to apply to get her daughter covered for surgery.
    2) He too Jenelle that her boys should be out of her house by age 18, yet 3 of Robyn’s children are over 18 (a couple are over 20), and still live at home.

    Something seems off. Also, Robyn’s house is much bigger and nicer than the rest (does it need to be so large if 3 of the kids will be “out of the house?”

    1. I’ve read in some comments that kody may be grooming Robyn’s daughter for marriage to him. they had posted a pic of kody and his daughter embracing with kody kissing her on the lips. so no wonder he hangs out at Robyn’s house so much……disgusting piece of crap

  7. It’s a slap in the face that their nanny exposed everyone to Covid. So much for Robin following the rules. Why did she need a nanny anyway? Big phoney! The rest of the wives should dump him. They could do better than him. He acts like Hitler. I have been watching lately just to see him fall.

  8. I think the 3 ladies should leave get child support for the children they can and show Cody they don’t need his crap no more.

  9. I dislike Cody. I think he is slimey. He can sleep with 4 women, but Because Meri was catfished she cheated. What bs. Did she wound his pride. All those ladies can do better than him. Good for you Christine. I can’t wait to see what lucky man ends up with you. I hope your sister wives follow suite. You all deserve to be the one the only and the special love of someone deserving who appreciates you.

  10. Kody is trash. Nothing to look at. And the women are just as bad, to want trash like him. 18 kids what is normal about that.

  11. I am not believing the networth of any of them. A lot of combined wealth for a family that large. No one ever has asked how anyone pays big mortgages, car payments, insurance on all of every day expenses. ???????

  12. What goes around comes around. Kody isn’t anyone to put trust in. You can see Kody still cares for the three he is walking away from. For some reason, money perhaps, something we do not know forcing him to stay.? I don’t believe Robyn children can leave because of some type of issues. He knows Christine’s children are intelligent and good workers and can do alright. Maybe Robyn and her children can’t, and this is why she needs a nanny. i am only guessing here.

  13. Kody is a narcissistic man who is a user. Meri seems lost and he manipulated her right out of her legal marriage. Beginning of the end. Cut that hair you look stupid and despire to stay young. Love Christine and hopes she finds love and peace.

  14. Kody is such a user and abuser he wants it all his way if one of these women was with another man he couldn’t take it he is the ruler they are really all supporting him not the other way around and that statement ” I gave up so much to love you.” it about made me through up. Robin is his only wife because she makes him feel good about his selfish self she is a gold digger.. I am so proud of Christine honey don’t feel bad for what you’ve done. leaving! Christine and Meri wise up he doesn’t want you guys either you deserve better don’t don’t lye down with that jerk again.

    1. if I was some one interested number ones wife familyblid be involved in making sure those kids are safe golddiger will sell or give up or away anything to keep taking advantage and what she’s never worked one min for they sould due a show with the real sister wife’s and her ex she need to be exsposed there’s something very off when you let your husband kiss your grown daughter on the lips is she letting him get her programed like he did the real sister wifes…Robin you give woman A bad name change yours to lazy goldigger home wrecker and lazy human who stoled from people who worked hard for there’s to pay off your bills and you and your dead beat husband I pray they drag you in court and they get there money back .and I hope the camper you hated and laughed at Janelle you land in one not so nice as hers god bless all the real brown kids and the real sister wife’s I wish you all well true love happiness you all longed for stay strong 💪 ❤️ I hope you ladys get your own show and the users browns get what they deserve I. sorry hade to vent so sick of those to fakes

  15. Cody is a sick OB look how he was holding Robin’s daughter and kissing on her when is the last time he did that to Merie and Janelle and Christine. is so glad Christine got out of this mess hopefully Janelle would be next he’s blamed you now for getting Colby when they’re real tooth is he probably got it when him and Robin was out shopping on Janelle and Meri money these two wife are like a ATM machine Cody puts his card in and cash comes out of their mouth and for Robin Cody says jump Robin asked how high believe me Robin’s going to give him anything he wants even her own flesh and blood how can a mother let her husband kiss and hug her daughter like that that was just more than a kiss

  16. Kody is a low life or bottom feeder. He has no knowledge of what a real an is. How he accomplished getting Meri, Christine and Jannel to be interested in him is beyond y comprehension. Those three are beautiful people who do not deserve the likes of Kody and Robin messing with their lives and kind hearts.

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