Fans Guess What’s On Erika Jayne’s Shoe & It Goes Hilariously Wrong

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Erika Jayne wanted to play a game with her fans. Little did she know, it would blow up in her face. The RHOBH star is the center of controversy. Viewers are witnessing the downfall and aftermath of Erika’s divorce from her estranged husband Thomas Girardi. The couple has been accused of embezzling funds that were meant for the victims of a plane crash.

They allegedly used the settlement for their lavish lifestyle. Erika has been accused of spending $25 million of Girardi Keese law firm’s money for her assistants, American Express bill, glam squad, and her PR company. She currently claims innocence, but her fans don’t believe her. They remind her that she should owe the orphans and widows.

Erika Jayne asks fans to guess what’s in her shoe

On Wednesday, September 1, Erika Jayne played a game with her fans. She shared an outtake from Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the show’s intro, the television personality wears a hot pink evening gown that features a high slit and cut-out detail. Erika bent her knee and posed with her hands on her hips.

She showed off her matching pump. The reality star gave a sexy expression as she looked down at her leg. Erika’s pose was sexy and glamorous, similar to Marilyn Monroe. In the caption, she wrote: “What is that on my shoe??? Ugh.. All new #rhobh tonight. See you there.” Fans took to the comments to share their thoughts and it didn’t go as Erika had hoped it would.

“Your integrity?” one fan asked to which another wrote, “The tears of crash & burn victims?” Even Bravo fan and comedian Michael Rapaport had a feeling that things would go wrong. He wrote, “Let’s Go.” One fan responded in all caps: “BLOOD MONEY.”

Another one commented: “Money owed to victims is my guess,” and another wrote: “It’s the blood money you stole.” A user said: “The truth finally needs to come out.” However, there were some fans in the comments section. One user added: “My girl #TeamErika.”

RHOBH star has the support of a few people

Erika Jayne doesn’t have too many fans these days. That is clear. But she still has the support of her glam squad, all of which claim the singer has paid them. According to The Sun, they are “sticking by her side but doesn’t work for her as much” amid the ongoing legal drama.

An insider told the British tabloid that Erika held onto her makeup and hair team throughout the years. They even appeared on the Bravo series since she first joined the show in 2015. At the height of her fame in 2018, Erika revealed on The Wendy Williams Show that it costs $40,000 a month to look like her. The insider revealed that Erika’s “squad is all genuine friends” and “not fair-weather friends that left when things get hard.”

They will even work with her on the RHOBH Season 11 reunion episode. Erika wants to keep these confidants close by. She knows she can trust them unlike some of her co-stars. So far, Lisa Rinna has been loudest about her support for Erika.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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