Tori Roloff Pregnant? ‘LPBW’ Fans Convinced They See A Baby Bump

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LPBW fans wonder if a third Roloff baby is on the way as rumors swirl Tori and Zach might also be pregnant. As fans know, a tragic miscarriage prevented Tori from basking in the glow of pregnancy with Isabel and Audrey Roloff. But, some recent photos on Instagram has some fans thinking Zach and Tori might actually be expecting their third child.

What exactly caused rumors to swirl Tori Roloff might be pregnant? Is there any truth to these rumors? Has Tori responded to them yet? Keep reading, we’ve got the details.

Isabel and Audrey Roloff are both pregnant

As Little People, Big World fans know, there are TWO Roloff grandbabies on the way. Both Audrey and Isabel are pregnant. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are pregnant with their third child. Isabel and Jacob are pregnant with their first child. Matt and Amy Roloff couldn’t be happier as they LOVE their grandbabies.

Isabel Roloff Audrey Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Audrey Roloff Instagram

Fans of the TLC family have a lot of mixed feelings about these pregnancies. On one hand, they are thrilled Jacob and Isabel are having their first baby. Some fans, however, are sick of seeing Audrey post so much about her pregnancy because they claim she’s trying to steal Isabel’s thunder.

Moreover, some fans think it is in bad taste for either pregnant Roloff mom to flaunt their pregnancy given Tori’s miscarriage. Either way, there are soon to be a lot of new Roloff babies and fans couldn’t be more excited!

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

But, that doesn’t really answer the question that brought you here. Is Tori Roloff also pregnant? Why are fans so convinced she might be? Turns out, they believe they spotted a baby bump recently.

LPBW fans suspect Tori Roloff is pregnant, here’s why

Tori Roloff shared a lot of photos from Amy and Chris Marek’s wedding on Instagram recently. In the comments, one fan noted they were “cute pictures.” But, the individual wondered if Tori might be pregnant. The comment was liked over a dozen times hours after getting asked. So, it was clear this wasn’t the only fan who wondered.

In response to the question, other fans chimed in on what provoked it. Turns out, Tori Roloff looked to be hiding her stomach in every single photo featuring her at the wedding. Was she hiding a baby bump?

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

Hiding a baby bump comes with the territory as a reality TV star. Tori and Zach Roloff likely have a contract that would bar them from announcing a pregnancy to fans. Moreover, this is the kind of news they could sell to a tabloid for a pretty penny. So, if Tori Roloff was pregnant… It makes sense that she would hide her baby bump.

Tori Roloff, however, did respond to the question. She shut the pregnancy rumor down noting she was NOT pregnant. That being said, if she was pregnant… Responding to a random comment on Instagram isn’t how she would reveal the news.

Roloff YouTube
Tori Roloff YouTube

Could Tori Roloff have been hiding a baby bump in the wedding photos?

Are you surprised LPBW fans think Tori Roloff is pregnant? Do you think this is a shameful thing to ask a woman? Do you think it is hard for Tori to get asked questions like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC personality.

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