Kody Brown Believes His Family Would DESTROY The Duggars In Battle

Sister Wives Kody Brown Cameo

Kody Brown of Sister Wives believes when it comes to his family versus Jim Bob Duggar’s family… There is NO competition. He fully believes the Brown family would crucify the family if the two went to war. As we previously reported, Kody Brown was asked to share his thoughts on the current Duggar family drama. He was happy to give his honest thoughts on Jim Bob Duggar’s family. He, however, made sure to clarify he believed the Brown family was the better reality TV family hands down.

The TLC star has no issues with Jim Bob’s family

Kody Brown noted the Duggars were simply an “imperfect” family. Which made them no different than any other family on the planet. Kody Brown insisted that the Duggars were always trying to do their best. Being on reality TV, the skeletons in their closet just fell into the spotlight. He acknowledged the family is going through something pretty rough right now. But, he doesn’t think they are hypocritical about anything.

Duggar Farm Instagram
Duggar Farm Instagram

The TLC personality, however, made a point to clarify the Duggars did NOT stand a chance in a competition against his family. He clarified that the Browns would crush the Duggars if they went to war.

Kody Brown believes his family would crush the Duggars

The Sister Wives star noted that Jim Bob’s family had roughly the same number of members as Kody’s family. So, a competition of some sort between the Browns and Duggars could end up being pretty fun. Kody Brown, however, made a point to clarify that his family was clearly the better of the two.

Kody Brown envisioned a paintball competition between his family and the Duggars. He noted that in a paintball competition there was no question who would win. He believed his family would crush the Duggars. Kody Brown got all giddy as he doubled down on the fact that Jim Bob’s family wouldn’t stand a chance against the Browns.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody Brown Youtube


Technically, Jim Bob and Kody Brown do have nearly the same number of children. Jim Bob, however, has significantly more grandchildren than Kody does. So, Jim Bob Duggar would actually have significantly more people on his team.

Sister Wives janelle Brown Instagram
Sister Wives janelle Brown Instagram

Do you think Kody Brown or Jim Bob Duggar’s family would win at a paintball competition? Would you want to watch that competition shake out? Share your thoughts on a Browns versus Duggars’ battle in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on these two TLC families.

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