‘OutDaughtered’: Death Of Loved One Sends Danielle Busby Back To Lake Charles

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Sad news for OutDaughtered fans as the death of a loved one sends Danielle Busby rushing back to Lake Charles. Danielle Busby took to Instagram to wish her followers a happy Friday. She notes that she just got back home from her business trip that involved a lot of marketing and shopping. Danielle did her best to jump back into a routine with her girls. Unfortunately, the passing of a loved one means she’s heading right back out the door. The OutDaughtered mom explains that she’s currently driving to Lousianna. More specifically, she’s heading to the Lake Charles area.

danielle busby Instagram
danielle busby Instagram

Admits she’s driving right toward a hurricane

Danielle Busby acknowledges that she is driving toward a hurricane. She added that she’s hopeful the hurricane will take a slightly different path so it won’t hit Lake Charles. As OutDaughtered fans recall, it wasn’t that long ago that Lake Charles was hit with a devastating hurricane. Fans can only assume many are still recovering from the damage of the last hurricane. The thought of driving toward a hurricane is scary, but Danielle didn’t have much of a choice.

Danielle busby Instagram
Danielle busby Instagram

Danielle Busby opens up about death and a funeral

Danielle Busby explains that she’s heading toward Lake Charles because her best friend’s mother has passed away. The OutDaughtered mother proceeded to explain the funeral was over the weekend. And, she really needed to be there to support her friend during this difficult time.

The TLC star later revealed that she was already stuck in traffic and had a several-hour drive ahead of her. She, however, had a large bag of sunflower seeds that she called an “Adam snack” to keep her occupied while she sat in traffic.

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

Who will watch the girls?

OutDaughtered fans know Adam Busby was also out of town for a business trip because of his Instagram activity. So, they have to wonder who is taking care of the girls with Danielle taking off to Lake Charles. Fortunately, Danielle did explain how that would work for concerned fans.

She explained that Adam was flying back home and he would be home with plenty of time to get the girls home from school. So, they were in a divide and conquer situation where he would manage the girls, so she could be in Lake Charles to support her friend.

Danielle Busby concluded her series of Instagram Stories by telling her fans she leans pretty heavily on God and her faith during these difficult times. And, she wrapped up by asking fans what she could pray for them.

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