Kody Brown Gives His Honest Thoughts On Duggar Family Drama

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There is a lot of drama surrounding the Duggar family and Sister Wives fans wonder what Kody Brown thinks of it all. As TLC viewers have pointed out more than a few months, Kody Brown has almost as many children as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Furthermore, Sister Wives fans know he has been putting pressure on Robyn to have more children. There are even some rumors swirling she might be pregnant right now. So, he could be working on trying to pass Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kid count.

Both the Browns and the Duggars are members of the TLC family. So, people draw connections to them even though Sister Wives and Counting On are two very different kinds of shows. Moreover, fans wonder if Kody Brown has any thoughts on the current Duggar drama. In fact, a customer recently purchased a Cameo from Kody. During the Cameo, the customer as Kody to share his thoughts on the Duggar family.

Kody Brown gives honest thoughts on Duggar family drama

It would have been easy for Kody Brown to trash Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s family with all the drama surrounding them right now. After all, their show was canceled by TLC following the arrest of their son.

Janelle Brown Instagram
Janelle Brown Instagram

The Sister Wives star, however, didn’t have anything bad to say about the Duggar family. In fact, he insisted Michelle and Jim Bob’s family really isn’t that different from his own.

Kody Brown Cameo
Kody Brown 

Kody Brown described the Duggar family as an “imperfect family” just like everyone else. He noted that he had a lot of respect for the Duggar family. He did not think they were hypocrites. And, he certainly didn’t have any issues or beef with them. He agreed it was unfortunate the family had a lot of drama surrounding them right now. But, he believed the Duggar family always tried to do their best. And, there was nothing more anyone could ask for.

Duggar Family - Counting On
Duggar Family – Counting On/Instagram

If the roles were reversed, fans assume Jim Bob Duggar would not have the same respect for Kody Brown and his family. Fans can only assume Jim Bob Duggar finds Kody having multiple wives and children with each of them to be appalling.

Are you surprised Kody Brown is so chill about the Duggar family drama? Do you think Jim Bob Duggar would have kind things to say about Kody? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on these TLC families.

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