Christine Brown STEALS From Son Paedon & He Calls Her Out

Sister Wives- Christine Brown - Paedon Brown

Paedon Brown called his mother Christine out on Instagram after noticing she had stolen something from him. While Sister Wives fans all assume it was just a little playful banter between a son and his mother… He clearly enjoyed calling his mother out for stealing something from him and flaunting it on Instagram. What exactly was it that she stole?


Christine Brown flaunts ‘favorite’ workout outfit

The Sister Wives star looked absolutely stunning in her latest Instagram snap. She rocked a pair of black, purple, and white leggings that paired beautifully with her black, white, and purple shirt.

Christine Brown had a huge smile on her face. She was glowing with happiness. Both of her hands appeared to be balled up in a first at first glance. But, she was actually just pulling her shirt down to straighten it out. This way her followers could make out what was in the picture.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Christine Brown Instagram

Christine Brown had her long, gorgeous locks pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her ponytail wrapped around her head and rested on her shoulder. It had a little bit of a curl to it.

A scroll down reveals she was not wearing any shoes. And, she was standing on some sort of blue yoga mat on top of a deck. She gushed in the caption of her Instagram post about how much she loved this workout outfit.

She penned: “Probably my favorite work out outfit I’ve ever worn. Because hey, LABYRINTH!!”


Paedon calls his mother out for stealing from him

Christine and Kody’s son Paedon was quick to call his mother out in the comments. He reminded her that “my” was a strong word to use because the shirt was not even hers. He clarified in the comments it was actually one of his shirts she was rocking.

“That’s still my shirt mom,” he penned in a comment liked nearly 200 times.

Sister Wives christine Brown Instagram
Sister Wives christine Brown Instagram

Sister Wives fans considered it to be more of Christine Brown sharing her son’s clothing versus her stealing his shirt. But, Paedon’s comment sounded like she’s had the shirt for a while and might often try to claim it as her own.

Curious fans tried to squeeze Paedon and his mother for more information about their family. But, others were quick to remind they likely were NOT able to answer these questions because of the show.

Do you think it is funny that Paedon called his mother out for stealing his shirt? Do you think Christine Brown considers it to be her shirt? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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