‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter’s Fate Revealed, Nina’s World Rocked

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Monday’s episode of General Hospital contained a big cliffhanger that quickly generated plenty of buzz among fans. Ever since Peter August “died,” viewers have wondered if he would eventually show up still alive. Spoilers had hinted Peter might be back and show up in Nixon Falls, and that is exactly what happened during the August 23 show. What comes next on this front?

Evil Lurks In Nixon Falls

As General Hospital viewers saw on Monday, Maxie surprised Nina with a visit at the Tan-O. Naturally, Maxie’s visit rattled Nina because of “Mike.” Nina knows Maxie’s enormous secret about “Bailey” really being Louise. However, Nina hasn’t spilled her big secret about “Mike” being Sonny. Luckily, Nina got Maxie out the door before Mike appeared. However, spoilers signal she’s about to get an even bigger surprise.

Maxie left and an ominous moment came as she departed. Someone was watching her, and viewers saw a man wearing a watch and dark dress clothing. For those General Hospital viewers who didn’t immediately figure out this was Peter, the camera panned up to show Wes Ramsey back as Peter. Unfortunately, Maxie clearly does not know Peter’s alive and has been apparently tracking her.

General Hospital Spoilers Tease An Unwelcome Visit Ahead For Nina

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nina gets another visit from someone during Wednesday’s episode. There is no doubt now that this visit comes from Peter, a development some fans speculated would happen. Nina will surely panic when she sees him. Not only will it stun her he’s alive, she would never have expected him to show up in Nixon Falls. She’ll surely be afraid for both Maxie and Louise, but she has reason to worry about her own situation too. If Peter sees Sonny, she’ll be in a tough spot.

The General Hospital preview for the week suggests that is exactly what’s coming soon. The sneak peek from Twitter shows “Mike” asking if someone is all right. He mentions this person looks like they just saw a ghost, and the caption mentions “a surprise visitor spooks Nina.” Peter’s hands grip the frame of a chair, and Nina looks completely shocked.

Will Nina Betray Maxie To Save Herself?

It seems virtually guaranteed that Peter will end up seeing Sonny living as “Mike” in Nixon Falls. This will surely shock Peter and he’ll likely quickly figure out Nina’s known this for a while. He may well present Nina with an ultimatum. Will Peter push Nina to help him with information on Maxie and perhaps Louise in exchange for staying silent on Sonny? Would she put Maxie and Louise in danger just to keep her secret safe?

General Hospital spoilers signal Nina will reach out to Obrecht next week. It sounds as if they’ll hatch a plan, perhaps to get rid of Peter once and for all before he causes any more damage. General Hospital viewers may not be surprised, or pleased, to see Peter back, but spoilers hint this return may come with some juicy developments that will be worth it.

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  1. What’s going on really Nina & sonny that’s a no Nono is time sonny got back to his family &a Nina got what she deserves which is nothing “I love gah been watching since it aired but if sonny does’nt get back to his family I will stop recording it for good and I know a lot of fans that feel the same….please get sonny back to port Charles n.y.

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