‘Sister Wives’ News: Mykelti Reveals Baby Avalon Has Lost Weight

Sister Wives Mykelt Brown - Avalon Instagram

Alarming Sister Wives news has surfaced as Mykelti took to Instagram a week ago to reveal baby Avalon has lost weight. Is something wrong with Christine and Kody Brown’s granddaughter? Why is she losing weight? Fortunately, the new mother recognized how alarming her update was for Sister Wives fans. So, she proceeded to offer more information in the comments.

Mykelti Brown Instagram
Mykelti Brown Instagram

Mykelti Padron reveals baby Avalon has lost weight

It was a week ago that Mykelti took Instagram to share a photo of herself holding baby Avalon. The post contained several photos of her with her baby girl. And, it contained a few photos of baby Avalon floating in the pool.

She noted that her daughter was a “water baby.” And, she really enjoyed spending time in the pool.

She penned in the caption of the photo: “Miss Avalon and I had a lovely pool day #waterbaby she laughed and giggled. She’s been teething this week so it’s nice to get happy moments with her.”

Unfortunately, teething has been rough on baby Avalon. Mykelti continues to talk about the struggles the little one has had with eating.

she’s also been eating different. Not as much from me and more breast milk from bottles because she likes the rubber texture.”

She continued: “She’s lost weight now, down to 20lbs from 22 two weeks ago. Happy 17 weeks baby girl.”

Unsurprisingly, fans were pretty disturbed to hear Mykelti reveal her little one was losing weight. Many were quick to point out Avalon should NOT be losing weight. Some questioned if the baby was sick.

Mykelti Brown Instagram
Mykelti Brown Instagram


Fans express concern, Avalon’s mom offers an update

Some Sister Wives fans noted losing two pounds is an awful lot for such a small baby. Others thought her way of mentioning the weight loss so nonchalantly was a little bizarre.

Most of the negative comments, however, have been buried or deleted. Moreover, Mykelti took to her comments to offer another update. She reassured fans that her baby was healthy and there was nothing to be worried about.

To address a few concerns. She’s healthy, not fat. She’s eating a little less because her mouth hurts, she’s also more active because she’s moving more. That’s the weight loss. It’s absolutely fine. My breast milk has a lot of hindemilk (the good stuff) when it separates it’s about 50\50. And lastly THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT.”

One fan tried to offer Mykelti some advice: “Have you thought it could be the flow of the bottle? That is what happened with my first daughter. She eventually preferred bottle instead of working harder at breast.” The individual was careful to clarify it was just their opinion. And, hoped it wouldn’t be taken the wrong way.

Now, some fans preferred to gush on how adorable Avalon was in the photo. And, how much she looked like her daddy.

Are you concerned Mykelti’s baby Avalon is losing weight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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