‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Spills Secret About Robyn’s Daughter Breanna 

Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown Breanna Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown did a Cameo video for a customer while his adopted daughter with Robyn Brown was driving. As we previously reported, the TLC father revealed his daughter was heading to her driving test. He discussed it being funny that the name of the person receiving the video was the same as his daughter. Kody also revealed the individuals receiving the video were high school sweethearts. He clarified they while he had nothing against high school sweethearts, this information did remind him of a secret he wanted to share about Robyn’s daughter

Sister Wives Robyn Brown - Kody brown
Sister Wives Robyn Brown – Kody brown /Youtube


Kody Brown spills Robyn’s daughter’s secret on Cameo

The proud father wanted everyone to know that his daughter Breanna was in high school and getting her driver’s license. And, she had never had a boyfriend. The Sister Wives star admits he’s pretty happy with the situation. As most fathers would agree, he wasn’t that interested in his 16-year-old old daughter having a boyfriend.

He also called attention to her being “sweet sixteen.” Robyn’s daughter Breanna turned 16 just last month.

Kody Brown cameo
Kody Brown cameo

His Cameo reveals he’s been spending a lot of time with Robyn’s children

Sister Wives fans often drag Kody Brown for spending all of his free time with Robyn and her children. His Cameo content confirms he’s with Robyn and her children pretty regularly. While Robyn Brown has not popped up in any of his Cameo videos… Several of his children with her have shown up in the background of the videos.

Thanks to Instagram activity, fans know Kody regularly visits and spends time with Janelle Brown. Janelle has called attention to Kody coming to the RV to spend time with her on a few different occasions. She called attention to this after fans blasted her for her absent husband.

Sister Wives Kodty Brown Breanna Brown
Sister Wives Kodty Brown Breanna Brown

Fans, however, do not believe Kody spends very much time with Meri or Christine Brown at this time. In fact, fans are not even sure Kody is still in a relationship with Meri or Christine at this point in time.

Are you surprised Kody Brown wanted to reveal that his daughter Breanna has never had a boyfriend? Do you understand why that makes the Sister Wives star so happy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

Allie Johnson


  1. Wake up you guys; KODY only wants ROBIN. He also wants you guys only for your INCOME Do like Christine did leave the LOSER

      1. Why would any of these women, or any woman, appoint Kody Brown as Master and Commander of their lives, their children’s lives?. He’s brought nothing but debt and chaos to their lives. His only talent seems to be impregnating women and handing them over to their mothers to support and raise.

        He’s a lower and an insult to good men everywhere.

        Christine and Janelle deserve a round of applause for finally using the most important word in the English language. “NO”.

        I love that word, don’t you?

        1. Yes!! And Cody is a user of those for women, he does not work they’ll have to work and keep him and all he does it goes from one Beard to another having sex and I don’t know why anyone would want to have sex with that he’s hideous and his Waze and look and disposition Yuck yuck yuck

          1. Why would you stay in a loveless relationship that has no benefit for yourself. He is abusive mentally and emotionally.

          2. youre crazy. hes gorgeous. robin is the only attractive wife. The others are fat and repulsive.

      2. That was my first thought! My stomach immediately rolled! As a survivor of parental sexual abuse I have seen little things in episodes with them that send up red flags. TLC needs to step away from this show before they become complicit.

        1. Reality says: I can’t believe I had that exact same thought but I wasn’t going to mention it out Loud! 😳

          1. dont worry, I’m also a survivor of rapes. I’ve been looking at those red flags for a while now, I tought it was only me that saw them that’s why I never said anything. I’m just glad that their is a conversation going. I think that’s the reason why he took the family so far and in the woods.

      3. Kootie is creepy. I would not let him near a minor child. Breanna is not his child. He needs to be careful around her.

          1. She is his daughter. Saying adopted daughter is unnecessary. The day they went through the courts made her his as well as any child that he had with Jannelle or Christina’s. When I went though the process the judge said she had to be loved as though she was my bio child. They said I had to treat her as though she was my bio daughter.

        1. In the polygamy community step father’s and adopted fathers take on the daughters as other sister wives…..
          It gave me the creeps to see Kody carrying Aroura to her bed!

          1. I know right!? I think Kody’s relationship with his step daughter is kind of creepy. He acts differently with her than he does with his own daughters. That whole family is the definition of disfuctional.

      4. I agree. I think he is a sex addict, I think he would take the daughter as a wife and leave Robin like he has left his other wives, What woman would share a man, He has no leadership qualities,

        1. I think it’s interesting how most everyone feels the same way.He thinks he’s god’s gift to woman.What does he do for a job.

      5. That’s my thought too maybe he’s training her to be his next sister wife. Robyn to comfortable with Kody and her daughter relationship

        1. I agree. I’ve thought this for a while now. I believe he is pushing out the old (Christine, Jannell, and Meri) so he can build a new life with subserviant Robyn and his 2 new virgin wives. Robyn is obviously training them up for him.

          1. what kind of a woman does that make Robyn. that she would allow that to happen to her own flesh and blood that she carried in her womb for 9 months

          2. As much of an idiot Kody is, I can’t believe that he would really take his adopted daughters and marry them. That’s disgusting. Though Robyn is outrageous, I can’t see her giving them to Kody.

        1. I can see Sobbyn going along with it…two already under her thumb and not breaking out as adults. But the not bringing in money is going to be a huge hurdle.

      6. Kody has nothing in the looks department, he sure believes he’s hot. I’m sure he’s working now on getting another wife. Christine ie very pretty and intelligent to leave the hot mess kody. He only wants Robin but he wants the others for money. There is a lot more out there that’s a hell of a lot better and more intellectual than pretty kid kody.

          1. I met Cody on match.com when he was either courting Robin or shortly before. He called “ME” blasphemous, because when he asked me what I thought about plural marriage I told him that I thought it was great as long as I could have more than one husband too – that’s where Meri got the idea to say that to him at one of their earlier anniversary dinners on the show. I truly do know this narcissist!!!

          2. That is an insult to all giraffs. I can’t stand Kody. He doesn’t have a small brain which is why I assume you picked giraffs. He has devious, disgusting brain like any predator may have.
            Giraffs aren’t predators

      7. He’s a dirty and evil child predator!

        Robyn better wake up and save her daughters from him.

        Robyn better leave soon, too.

    1. I believe Kody has a god complex. I believe this family fell apart when he made Meri divorce him so he could marry Robin.
      He treated Meri like a used shoe after and focused on Robyn
      Why if they are following Covid registration is he always with Robyn because she is a needy whiner. Meri has been doing the same he could go there and work on that relationship but no king Kody just lets his other children and wives suffer his temper tantrum

      1. all FLDS men have a “God Complex,” as it is a tenet of their religion: in the afterlife, they get their own planets to reign over. They actually become gods.

        1. LOL Boy are they going to be disappointed if they even get to heaven. The bible teaches not to put any other God before him (GOD). These men are dillusional if they think they are going to become Gods over their own planets. That is the most insane thing I have ever heard! LOL

          1. Agreed!!! The God complex in their religion says they need many wives to pray them into their own Godhhod after they die. Cody is definitely a blaphemous disgusting hog!! Sobbing Robin better keep her daughters safe from him – or she’ll be the one he shim. No decent man kisses his stepdaughter and says the

        2. absolutely! I saw that coming a long time ago.he is preparing for his 2nd generation of wives. that’s why he wants to her at least have one boyfriend before he makes the suggestion.

      2. Kody Brown is a full blown Narcissist. He also stopped maturing many years ago. He gives this away when he says things like, ” I never want to see Christine again!” or….
        “Ive never been attracted to Christine, I only had sex out of obligation!”
        He lost face, therefore, he lashes out publicly, just like a child.
        Faith aside, these women are oppressed, but the good news is that Christine has blazed the trail, and stepped out of the dark. God Bless her sheer guts.

    2. I agree especially after calling Robin & his kids ours but all the other sister wives & HIS kids “theirs”. No wonder his own children are making fun of him. #What.Does.She.Do

    3. I’m sick and tired of hearing Kody talking his crap abt Meri, when she got Catfished. That she cheated on him and she was gonna leave him. Well Kody, u leaved Meri emotionally and physically, Kody checked out long B4 all that happened. If he was a good husband, she wouldn’t of been online, looking for someone to talk to. Meri was lonely, none of the sister wives really talk to her, we Kno Kody didn’t he was to far up Robins a hole. I have just recently benched watched all the seasons and yes I seen a changed in Kody. And I’m so happy Christine and Jenelle, got away from him and I pray Meri does too.

      1. Yes, I hope that Meri follows the others and leaves so that she can finally have a life that isn’t revolving around a childish jerk. Wow..Kody and Robin can have their own show.. Religious Freeloaders.. lol

        1. I can’t stand to look at his UGLY Ass…if everybody leaves Him then Bobbin Robyn, there will be more sisterwife No More Money 💰

          1. yeah, he is so gross lookin, I’m sure he’s looking to replace mary,Janelle and Christine with young and vulnerable women with Robin as the gate keeper. very tragic and sick

        2. I was wondering what kind of religion is that they don’t attend any services…Just do your own thing…no fellowship with others…Just an uneducated self serving want to be…I hope the three women get their fair share…They are soo worth it….

          1. I totally agree. Those women are lovely! I hope they have amazing futures. And he really is such a jerk.

          2. You know I was just commenting on that with my friend. Cody is his own church ,his own pastor, and yes even his own god.He is also a giant self centered price of crap that can do no wrong and is in his eyes the best man out there.He also is soo ooo picked on.blablablablabla.Run ladies as fast as you can.But be careful the dog might chase you. He may have to actually support his self. By the way ,who supports his kids??

      2. I can’t believe he thinks Christine is All at fault that none of this is his fault, just like you said if Meri had been taken care of she wouldn’t had been on the internet and got Catfished. He can’t take care of that many women is what it all comes down to. He’s a sorry excuse of a human. Those women deserve better. I hope they see that Christine has been OK on her own and they wake up soon and leave his ugly, narcissistic body.
        Then he’ll have to get a real job he can’t depend on the women’s money.

    4. Robin got what she wanted all along .Kody to herself .she just cries and everyone feels sorry for her , poor Robin .Boo Hoo

      1. Actually that is not quite true….not everyone feels sorry for Sobyn at all…in fact many people are sick to death of watching Sobyn turn on fake tears and many are speaking up about it! I do agree with your statement that Sobyn got what she wanted though, she worked her butt off getting that, didn’t she? Disgusting. I can’t stand watching her fake sob story, and it’s even worse having to look at her at all with her sperm shaped eyebrows! Yuck…maybe if she got them fixed, she wouldn’t have to do so much sobyn! LOL!

      2. She got EXACTLY what she wanted! Now she is getting very tired of being on her knees and wants help in that department
        You wanted it and now you got it! ~~WINNER!

      3. Do you remember the episode where one of Robyn’s daughters is touring Janelles new trailer. One of them points to her daughters room and said” is this where the dogs sleep? Why does this girl live in the big house while his actual daughter has to live in a trailer. Thought it was cute but I can’t imagine what would be like when gets actually cold.

      4. I don’t think Robyn is attractive and Kody’s hair is disappearing. Perhaps they are good together; Robyn let him think he is in charge but he is her puppet.

    5. Absolutely true, can’t stand that using butthole Cody, He’s lazy and lives of the women and uses them so he doesn’t have to do anything but give orders and have sex and I do not see an attraction just a sickening male

    6. he doesn’t work free loader his one ugly guy not sexy at all Robin just wants everyone else to support her she doesn’t work either

    7. kody is grooming Breanna fir his own Sexual appetite. His Bio daughter is not in that same category, therefore, he doesn’t need her, so he throws her away like an old shoe. Make sense, hasn’t he done that all along with Meei, Christine, his Son’s who questioned him about his ridiculous Covid rules. They he states he is emotional attached to Christine! what a lie, maybe attached to her pocket book, that she is not giving up. All Along he thought his other 3 wives were fine with Kody the God dictating how they should live their lives, oh and not have sex with him or anybody else. Now he is running scared, because the money wagon is leaving town, and not just Christine, Janelle and Meri. what makes me Klinger, is why Robyn needs a paid Nabnny when she doesn’t work. her 2 younger kids are old enough, plus there is a Nanny, and Kody doesn’t work. Kody and Robyn need to go to work. I believe Kody and Robyn has manipulated the other 3 wives for years pretending Kody wants the marriage with them, but all they wanted was their money. Robyn is a master of manipulation, she pretends she is innocent, but she tells Kody what to say abd do, because she needs their money. Robyn and Kody are dumb, illiterate, they thought they could skip along with the pretense that Kody lived the other 3, just for $$$. abd Robyn pushed it because she don’t want to work. what a lazy person. albeit she doesn’t cook or clean either. and did you all catch the $250,000 matching watched Robyn and Kody wore on camera. why did only Robyn get an expensive watch, paid for by the other 3 wives. Please Leave Janelle, and Meri. move, and fund happiness like Christine has.
      Breanna needs to get out of there. Perhaps she is special needs like her son. that is even worse.

    8. Cody is a manipulator. I am glad that Cristine and now Janell are away from him. How do you tell your wife that her “kids” gotta go, move out if he is to come over. Please!!! Meri is going to feel really dumb when she finally figures out that he don’t want her. He didn’t even like Robyn when he met her. He did not want to marry her, but now he is defending her like he really cares. Cody don’t care about nobody but himself.

      1. You are completely right!! The nanny is highly suspect. Kody only loves himself! He only looks at women as cash cows except for Robin – she must be very talented in the bedroom… Also, even though he says he likes big women – he is full of crap – when Robin started getting a bit chunky he started treating her like crap until she lost the weight. They bothake me sick and my heart breaks for his other wives and children – they were only loved by him until the money and tax credits wore out.

    9. i agree .. every time I see janelle ir meri I’m screaming at the screen… “he only wants your money .. get it if there ..NOW..!!!“

  2. Kody is an egotistical creep. Poor Kody has no clue that he is the problem. He created his own little world of being “the man” of the households. He never loved any of the wives including Robyn. She might want to keep a close eye on her baby girl as she gets older and keep her away from being the next sister wife of Kody.
    He doesn’t want a relationship with Meri because she needed her husband to show her some respect and love for stepping aside for Robyn. He didn’t care about what the other wives were feeling he only cared about the consummation of the fourth marriage. He shows no love for the wives or children for that matter. It’s all about Kody and his poor me, self induced, issues of “taking care of the family and leading them to the glory land”. But only if they follow his rules otherwise they are expendable which includes the older children who may disagree with him. He will become a very lonely man if he thinks the wives and children want to care for him in his old age. God bless him and may the ladies who are tired of being told how to act, what to do and when realize like Christine that life is too short to beg for attention from your husband. My advice to Kody. “Let all your wives find a man who respects and loves them, go get a haircut, then look in the mirror and take responsibility for your part in creating the hardships in your world. Dont forget to pay your child support. Robyn grow a pair, Janelle you and Meri both deserve so much better than what you have accepted from Kody. And Christine good on you recognizing your value.”

    1. Bravo Marianne! I completely stand by every point you made. I left a 19yr marriage to a person who was a narcissistic manipulative gas-lighting to me. Kids are seeing him for who he is and are grappling with the reality of it all while still wanting to hold onto a relationship with their dad. I don’t speak of his actions. I let him and his walk do the talking. Watching Christine working through her decision to finally leave, was a huge trigger for me. I felt like I was walking right with her! I am super proud of her and stand with her decision to remove herself from this sickening situation that is Kody. I do not think he would even get an Aha moment if his wives all left and he was alone. Christine will, if she wants it, find someone who loves her completely for who she is and treat her with dignity. I did. I pinch myself every now and again too!!!

      1. It seems he wants baby incubators. They don’t seem to have any value to Kody after they provide evidence of his seed planting and raise his off spring.

        1. he knows that he can go on making babies as men don’t have an age limit like women do. kody could go on producing babies well into his 80s, and that’s a scary thought


    3. I hate that taxpayers have had to help support the 18 children in the past while Kody was running around in his little sports car looking for another wife!

    4. Marianne you have hit the nail on the head. Kody ìs an adult by age only. He is a little spoiled brat that wants everyone to make him feel good about himselj

  3. Kody Brown, you are an ass! I pray that you get left behind by all of your wife’s. And Kody, I hope no one else will marry you! I don’t believe you should control any one!

    1. Between “What. Does. The. Nanny. Do.” and “WHAT THE CRAP?!” I’m going to have a whole new set of t shirts for the summer!

  4. I’ve never seen what they see in him unless it’s hidden. He is one quick tempered spoiled asshole. Kody your not a pretty boy like you think!

    1. I have to laugh about the pretty boy! When he pulls that hair up on top of his head…yuk. He has no fun personality and just is not charming at all. Terrible that he’s done with the other wives because the kids are older and he doesn’t feel the need to be around for them. Robyn has the young children that need their daddy and Robyn needs him too!! Watching them in the mall shopping with no masks blows his Covid rules out the window. They deserve each other!!

      1. Between “What. Does. The. Nanny. Do.” and “WHAT THE CRAP?!” I’m going to have a whole new set of t shirts for the summer!

    2. I’d like to knowhow or why this show is still on, it the most disgusting show I quite watching it so many years ago, can’t believe it’s taking space where something better could take its place,

    3. Omg..I absolutte hate kody and ry ba y Robin.
      He is such an ass
      Meri and janelle leave him nok
      Only cares for cry baby Robin
      Se is such as bad as kody
      He dont have Any respekt for meri and janelle
      Im so glad Christine divorsed that looser

  5. I am so glad I’m not the only one with this opinion of Kody Brown. Just who the he’ll do you think you are? You piss me off in every episode I watch. I hope all your wives see you for the jerk you really are

  6. Kody is a dictator who cares about noone but himself, oh and Robyn and her kids. Tell me why they need a nanny when there is a pandemic. I’m with Christine, what does the nanny do that she can come and go but not his family??? I feel like Kody gets joy out of telling certain wives that he will no longer be intimate with them. He talks about Mary, but he is the one that wanted her to divorce him so he could marry Robyn. How does he think she should feel. He has basically turned his back on his other children by Jannelle and Christine. Not all of those children are adults. And yes I will use the word that was used in the interview. He has basically ABANDONED everyone that is not connected to Robyn. They deserve each other!!!

    1. Yes what does she need a nanny for? The 2 youngest ones are getting older now and don’t need constant watching.Soloman is old enough now he should be able to be trusted to play outside or in his room without someone being right on top of him. I mean yes he needs supervision but not eyes on him at all times like a toddler needs. That’s just stupid if you ask me. And didn’t they keep the covid restrictions a little longer than everyone in the US. They just kept on and on about it. I know it is and was very serious so I’m not making light of that. I just feel they took advantage of it and use that to justify his want to be there with her and not the others, I mean it so obvious.


  8. Well Kody Robin better watch her
    Daughter he’s already got the hots
    And molding her to be new sister wife
    Robin your one sick individual to
    Play along with Kody; he’s just playing
    You like he has played all you sister
    Wives. Christine woke up (proud of you)
    Janille well she’s not interested in sex
    Anymore (be there for your kids) Meri
    Is only there for the money she gets
    From the show and well Kody just
    Keeps telling everyone he’s not
    Attracted to any of you but Robin
    She’s loving that until he goes
    After her daughter . Kody is one
    Sick person you women are
    Discussing for playing his game

  9. I don’t believe in plural marriage but, to each his/her own. Kody treats them all like crap. Kody is an a _ _. Christine & Meri can do much better. They deserve someone who will love them and respect them. He is selfish. “Poor” Kody couldn’t believe that Christine put his stuff out in the garage. Good for her. She deserves so much better. Meri, too. They should both leave and find someone else.

  10. I totally agree with all that’s been said about Kody. He is a very selfish man, only interested in how things affect him! From what I have seen, he has caused all the financial issues, then when he talks about the financial problems he implies that the wife’s made the choice to move to Flagstaff. When in fact he bullied them into the move.
    Why does Robyn get a million dollar home? When that money could have been used to start building at Coyote Pass. Nobody could have roughed it in a smaller place so the building could start?
    If a leader he wants to be, he missed the mark by a long shot!
    So much more to say, he is a very little igotistical, selfish man.
    I’ve wasted enough of my time.

    1. Just voicing my thoughts which the anchor of their “Tell All” final episode did not raise. Mary did Kody and Robyn a great favor, by letting go of the original marriage certificate. Mary did what she did because, she felt ” lonely in the crowd”, and her daughter Mayra because of her confused identity at that time, did not stand up for her mom, rather took the side of the family against her mom. I guess now , she has realized who the father truly is. Dating women when they are younger, and when they reach menopausal ages, dump them with silly excuses. Christine thought what every new wife think- ” It will ever be me”, until Robyn arrived. Wait until Kody finds another sweet fool, Robyn will definitely go the same way. My thoughts and pity is on Mary, and I am waiting for that day, that all those wives will leave Kody, then he will know that, “First cut is the deepest”. Mary, stay put and fight for your Home, because it is yours. I am an advocate of “one wife, one husband”.

    2. Actually, when they bought Sobyn’s home….it had been a rental to begin with and then the owners chose to sell it and since they were already renting it…it was natural that they would want to buy it since it was so convenient to do so instead of look all over again and then move. And…they are buying it based on the sale price of either 750k or 800k for it, not a million…housing has appreciated a lot since then so they would actually have equity in t if they haven’t or hadn’t taken out loans against the equity but I am pretty sure I have read that they had borrowed against not only the equity but the down payment they put on it to begin with before they even had any equity in it! And if you recall….Christine bought a 500k home, but she didn’t need one as big as Sobyn did as she only had 3 kids left at home when she purchased, Sobyn had all 5 still because if you remember correctly….that is the whole reason they even needed to move to flagstaff is because Dayton got a scholarship to NAU….(which included dormitory living, but Sobyn couldn’t cut the apron strings and needed to continue being a helicopter mom an keep him at home instead of allowing him to learn how to live the full college student life) and even knowing that her next oldest Aurora would be old enough to leave home soon after as well…of course she couldn’t let that happen either…..cause Kody would have to be called away from home to go over to Auroras apt or house and carry her to her bedroom every time she had a panic attack and since Sobyn has never encouraged Aurora in learning to handle them other than to have Kody carry her to her room (that we have seen or heard about anyway) she would also have her at home much longer as well, so of course she needed to have a home with at least 6-7 bedrooms which cost more than Christines 4 bedroom home…..and Janelle is just financially more wise than all or any of them and figured she would just be responsible about finances and if she only rented, that would at least leave them not putting out another 100k to 200k on a down payment and if Meri would have done the same….her rent would have been much lower also…but Meri sees it that she should be entitled to spend the same amount on rent that any of the other wives did too so she made no effort to reduce the expense associated with her renting what was needed versus her having equal to what Robyn got so there is the answer to why Robyn has a million dollar home….which is actually worth even a little more than that now I think…. but when they put it up for sale (if they ever get anything built on the Coyote pass land they are buying) they won’t be putting any of the money they would have had in equity on that home because they have already borrowed the equity out of it against it as Kody has used that in loans against it to purchase 2 more pieces of land right next to the one their house is on is what I have read. And they didn’t have all the Vegas houses sold as quickly as they thought…remember? I think Sobyn’s house sold first, then Meri’s. Janelle’s and Christine’s houses sold last, so they didn’t have all that much money when they got to Flagstaff for them all to have money to put down on building or even to start improving the land they bought as they had already used up so much of what they had on purchasing the lots there to begin with, then on the move itself with the huge rental trucks and the longevity of keeping those trucks parked out there on the property using them as storage at so much money a day afterward and tje deposit’s they had to pay upon arrival and renting then places they rented….they were actually getting pretty broke….remember how Kody was saying the houses in Vegas needed to finish getting sold or else? He was getting freaked out about it for a quick minute there…that is why he elected to take Janell off the deal as the agent and put another agent on it cuz it wasn’t happening fast enough under Janelle being the realtor agent. So in the end….they could have all been smarter and just rented smaller homes and double their kids up to 2 or three in a bedroom if that was what was needed but they didn’t plan the move out in enough time to do it right or to even do it well because they hadn’t even considered moving yet…Kody sprang it all on them and then rushed them all into moving right away under the guise of the market being hot right now to sell so they needed to hurry up and get out of their homes so they were ready or available right away because he didn’t want them to miss that wave of a hot market and if they delayed that move by even a few months they might miss the wave of the hot market which could mean a big loss for them…when in all actuality they needed to move soon so that Dayton was settled in to his new home before the fall semester started at NAU but Kody and Sobyn hadn’t told the other wives anything about Dayton getting a scholarship to NAU yet, because they knew it wasn’t fair of them to even ask all the rest of the family to have to move in a hurry so that one child could have what they wanted him and his mom to have over and above anything and everyone else wanted or needed because they know it was going to affect Gabriel and the girls (the triplets they called them as they were all born one right after the other in a 2 yr period I believe and would all be in the same year of high school which would affect them all as far as graduating with the same class they all started with in the last year or two of high school. The whole move was a huge manipulation on Sobyn’s behalf to cry to Kody about how she couldn’t let Dayton be a normal kid because she had already diagnosed him as not normal so Kody having no brains himself just fell right in step with what Sobyn wants Sobyn gets! So….like you said…I have wasted enough of my time….lol….but I hope that fills you in on the why what where and how of things!

  11. People here have strong negative feelings about Kody Brown. Whether people agree or not, scripture tells us that Kody is the head of the family and his wives and children are to be submissive to him. If you disagree with these statements, don’t argue with me, argue with God because these are His Word, not mine. My personal opinion about all this is as worthless as yours. By scripture, Kody is not the villain everybody here is making him out to be. Below is what scripture says about marriage whether it be a monogamous or plural marriage. If you read these passages, you’ll see that the wives are not innocent and perhaps even more responsible for the failure in the marriages. Kody can only legally marry one wife but every one of his marriages is a spiritual marriage under God’s Law and is subject to scripture. The fact is, the wives were not submissive to Kody and the children are not respectful of Kody. I’ll end this by saying that Mari was not “catfished”, Mari committed adultery and knows it so she continues to say she’s the victim. If she wants her marriage back, she needs to take responsibility for her part in the “catfish” fiasco and apologize to Kody.

    Ephesians 5:22-33 (ESV) – Wives and Husbands
    22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.
    25 Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, 26 that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, 27 so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish. 28 In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church, 30 because we are members of his body. 31 “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” 32 This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church. 33 However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

    Children Honor Thy Parents – I found the following on this website
    The following a very good explanation and clearly shows how some of Kody’s children disrespected him not only privately, but publicly. Whether we agree or not, Kody is the head of the family and his instructions should be followed by his wives and his children.
    Here is the text from this website with the Bible passages backing up the statements.
    “Honoring your father and mother is being respectful in word and action and having an inward attitude of esteem for their position. The Greek word for honor means “to revere, prize, and value.” Honor is giving respect not only for merit but also for rank. For example, some Americans may disagree with the President’s decisions, but they should still respect his position as leader of their country. Similarly, children of all ages should honor their parents, regardless of whether or not their parents “deserve” honor.

    God exhorts us to honor father and mother. He values honoring parents enough to include it in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:12) and again in the New Testament: “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with a promise, so that it may be well with you, and that you may live long on the earth” (Ephesians 6:1-3). Honoring parents is the only command in Scripture that promises long life as a reward. Those who honor their parents are blessed (Jeremiah 35:18-19). In contrast, those with a “depraved mind” and those who exhibit ungodliness in the last days are characterized by disobedience to parents (Romans 1:30; 2 Timothy 3:2).

    Solomon, the wisest man, urged children to respect their parents (Proverbs 1:8; 13:1; 30:17). Although we may no longer be directly under their authority, we cannot outgrow God’s command to honor our parents. Even Jesus, God the Son, submitted Himself to both His earthly parents (Luke 2:51) and His heavenly Father (Matthew 26:39). Following Christ’s example, we should treat our parents the way we would reverentially approach our heavenly Father (Hebrews 12:9; Malachi 1:6).

    Obviously, we are commanded to honor our parents, but how? Honor them with both actions and attitudes (Mark 7:6). Honor their unspoken as well as spoken wishes. “A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke” (Proverbs 13:1). In Matthew 15:3-9, Jesus reminded the Pharisees of the command of God to honor their father and mother. They were obeying the letter of the law, but they had added their own traditions that essentially overruled it. While they honored their parents in word, their actions proved their real motive. Honor is more than lip service. The word “honor” in this passage is a verb and, as such, demands a right action.

    We should seek to honor our parents in much the same way that we strive to bring glory to God—in our thoughts, words, and actions. For a young child, obeying parents goes hand in hand with honoring them. That includes listening, heeding, and submitting to their authority. After children mature, the obedience that they learned as children will serve them well in honoring other authorities such as government, police, and employers.

    While we are required to honor parents, that doesn’t include imitating ungodly ones (Ezekiel 20:18-19). If a parent ever instructs a child to do something that clearly contradicts God’s commands, that child must obey God rather than his/her parents (Acts 5:29).

    Honor begets honor. God will not honor those who will not obey His command to honor their parents. If we desire to please God and be blessed, we should honor our parents. Honoring is not easy, is not always fun, and certainly is not possible in our own strength. But honor is a certain path to our purpose in life—glorifying God. “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord” (Colossians 3:20).”

    After reading these Bible passages it’s clear Kody is not as guilty as people are making him out to be. That said, by scripture, Kody does not have the right to sexually cut off any of his wives. The wife owns the husband’s body and the husband owns the wife’s body. If Kody continues with Mari as his wife, then he has the responsibility to be her husband, not a tag-along sexless friend. He should either divorce her for adultery and separate or forgive her and fulfil his husbandly duties. As for Christine, they should go to counselling together and figure out how to fix their marriage before it’s too late.

    In every marriage it takes two to break it and two to make it. Nobody is innocent or completely guilty for what’s going on with this polygamist marriage.

    1. Mostly I agree with what you’re saying. However in those verses you quoted the husband is commanded to love his wife as he loves himself. Kody has admitted that he doesn’t love all of them and as the interviewer during the one one said he has abandoned them emotionally a long time ago. He has to do his part and show them love and respect also. It is not only on the wife and children to respect him.

    2. Those Scriptures were written for a time and a people that no longer exist. They were created when humankind needed to be controlled because they lacked the awareness and sophistication that we have today. People were ignorant, uneducated… and therefore dangerous if left without boundaries, fear and guidance. We now know that no human should be subservient to another, that a wife does not own her partner and vice versa. Men are not the leaders – look at the mess and war they have created thus far – and nor are women. The word is “equal” for our times. We need an updated version of the Bible!

    3. Times have changed, Men who like plural marriages are like men who are married that cheat on their wives, Sex addiction, This is not natural for a woman to share her husband with other women, Meri, Janelle and Christine are no good to Kody anymore because they can’t get. Pregnant, Run women. Robin run and do not let your daughter alone with Kody,, because you are fat and dumpy looking that never looks happy,

    4. Your line of bull shit is even worse than anything else I have read or heard from any body on any comment! When you try to say “By scripture, Kody is not the villain everybody here is making him out to be. Below is what scripture says about marriage whether it be a monogamous or plural marriage. If you read these passages, you’ll see that the wives are not innocent and perhaps even more responsible for the failure in the marriages.” WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!! Kody did not do what he should have done in the beginning and maybe if he had, his wives would have doe their part according to scripture also. But for whatever reason you have taken things out of order…according to scripture.

      As you said….in Ephesians 5:22-33 (ESV) – Wives and Husbands
      22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.
      25 Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, 26 that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, 27 so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish. 28 In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

      So when these women got together with Kody….they did do as scripture states….but Kody did not. So when Kody chooses not to follow scripture when the wives are following scripture…do you not think that is confusing to the wives? I would think it would be…. But….tell me if the wives are supposed to follow him….why do you think that the wives are not going to justify what their behavior is as “following his example?” And the children? How can the children do what is right according to scripture when if you check scripture…Kody was not following it to begin with…before the wives weren’t following it, so when these women had children and Kody wasn’t acting right according to scripture before any of these children were even born….then the children weren’t even being taught correctly at all so how are they supposed to be expected to follow scripture either when they weren’t being taught scripture correctly to begin with? Until you can show me where Kody is right in not following scripture first,,then it all still all falls back on Kody as he is not loving any of the wives nor himself first. If he can’t follow any of the very scripture he spouts, then there is no authority vested in him or anybody else to hold the wives in account for their mistakes. YOu have to live what you preach for the wives to follow the example the husband wants them to…and Kody wasn’t doing it correctly from the first moment. So I call bullshit!!!

      1. Thank you Maria for clarifying that scripture. Don’ t start quoting scripture for Kody and justify his sordid behavior. Sher will never be able to back up what she is putting out there. I wasn’t falling for that bullshit either. Kody is pitiful SKUMBAG! Mary and Jannel better open th e in eyes. Robyn does not have a job, kody just hot a bit of a job so we hu should she take care of them.


  12. Watch your daughter Robyn unless your in on it ” Kody going after your virgin daughter”. You people are some sick fukers and for TLC to put this shit on a learning channel is disgusting. TLC hould be ashamed of themselves but it seems like they like to get MAMMA BOO HOO, POLYOMIST, Hell it’s a wonder a TLC doesn’t have that disgusting show teen moms on when in fact the 16 yr. Olds having kids at yhat ahe was glorified and still is so they can get BUTT LIFTS, TITTS, and other plastic surgery when you know 16 year olds can’t afford a fuking thing that is promoted on that show. You tv producers are sick to put children and other fuked up bs on tv.

  13. Filing BK, collecting food stamps etc. While buying properties. Living according to God’s commitments. Give me a break. I stopped watching a few years ago not that I at I ever watched it much anyway. He is a sick shell of a man that uses women. YUK!!

    1. Dina, I agree. Wish I couldnt afford to buy a million dollars home like Kody bought for Robyn, while living off my taxes. I can’t even afford to buy a home and how many homes has Kody had? Pathetic excuse for a man. Women, smarten up and get rid of that narcissistic, ugly, POS. You all can do better.

  14. The women are sick to live with a man that has other women like this. He is a nasty old man and they must be sick to live with something like him. He needs a hair cut. I don’t watch their show but from what is just read this set up is gross. He’s in it for one thing, them???????? I don’t know!!!!!

  15. Cody is a little man cry baby.. thats why he and cry baby Robin get along so well. The other women need not feel sorry for him as he has no empathy toward them. Let Coty admit he and Robin need them for their money.

  16. Meri and Janelle you are beautiful women who deserve so much more in life than the bullshit you get from Cody let him have ugly ass Robyn they are made for each other I can not stand either one of them.

  17. As long as people continue to watch this train wreck mess and keep the ratings up it will continue to be broadcasted.If you are watching the show you are literally supporting Kody and putting money in his pocket.
    He is a puke as far as I’m concerned and if he try’s to marry his adopted daughter thinking that God would approve he is wrong.People like him are what turns people away from Christianity

  18. I find it hard to believe that Kody or TLC think we the viewer are that dense. The garbage that comes out of his mouth truly must be scripted. Yes, he must continue to make money, surely this is the last season. He and Robyn can make a mountain out of a mole hill, that if we look back are untruths anyway. Christen is the smart one, not to waste anymore time on this rude man. Janelle, other than the occasional need for some psychical man power, and her son’s are not around has no need for him. Like Christine once said, Janelle can put gas in her own tank. I feel very sorry for Merie, I’m afraid that some day in the future, she’s going to look in a mirror and see a lil old lady looking back at her, and be sorry for all the time she wasted waiting for Kody. Of course Robyn wants her to stay, they need the money Merie brings in. Merie has recently said she’s sticking around because of the kids. As of yet, I’ve not seen any of the family she says she helped build come spend time with her. She is always saying that no one ever visits her. As for Robyn we have all seen her true colors are.
    lol… that’s where I stand.

  19. It is becoming painful to watch this show every Sunday. Too see Gabe cry about his dad is heartbreaking. Kody has damaged his children & blames his wives instead of taking accountability for his mistakes. Every Sunday we get to watch him spend time with Robyn & her kids in the background, never with his other sons & daughters. They must never see Kody or spend anytime with him. Kody keeps harping on his other wives to take accountability, but he never does! He wants blind loyalty to him & Robyn, while they neglect all the other kids in the family. It’s sick! They are sick! And I’ll go so far as to say, I think it’s evil what he & Robyn are doing to the other children in the family. We don’t see the other kids at their house, EVER, unless it’s a holiday & everyone gets together. And when Janelle didn’t have a home, why wasn’t she invited to stay at Robyn’s big house or in Meri’s huge house? Something isn’t right about this whole family.. I thought they were so close, so united, so together.. But I was wrong. They aren’t a true family, not at all. The are divided and we the audience are left to take sides. I have wondered at times if this is all a scam to get ratings & money! How can they be this disfunctional? Did they plan this for ratings? Are they making themselves into the Hatfields and McCoys on purpose for show ratings, which bring them money? Can they honestly hurt that many children on purpose without any conscience, all for money? Something is fishy about them. The most unforgiveable scene of all was when Kody tried to get his daughter to not have surgery until Covid was over with. That could be years! And she was in pain! And then he didn’t even go to her surgery with her like a normal loving dad would do. How can she forgive that? And Robyn was ok with it also? Yep.

  20. That is creepy AF. Groomer material for sure. Sickening. That mom has zero clue or if she does she is just as complacent. GROSS

  21. Kody around Robyn and her two older daughters more than his other wives and their families and if Robyn don’t want them to film in her house but they can film in everybody else house she need to be off the show and the whole show should go off by now anyway all the wives are leaving anyway Good Bye To The Show

  22. Did you see that picture of Kody and Breanna in a full on embrace and mouth kiss!!! This picture was online!! Absolutely disgusting!!!!

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