‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Is ‘Redpilled,’ Alludes To Marriage Issues

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Self-proclaimed “marriage advocate” Kody Brown admits he’s “redpilled” regarding recent struggles in his own relationships. Sister Wives fans can’t help but wonder if that is Kody’s way of alluding to his own marriage issues.

Kody Brown’s new hustle for cash is very telling

As we previously reported, Kody Brown came out of NO WHERE on social media to announce his newest hustle for cash. The TLC personality came out swinging with a Cameo account. Selling videos for $60 a pop. We noted this was twice the cost of getting a video from his wives Christine or Janelle.

If you don’t follow Kody Brown on Cameo and you like being informed on all things Sister Wives, you really should. Click this link and bookmark his Cameo profile. It’s well worth it. Kody Brown has been pretty busy making videos for his Cameo customers. In the videos, he continues to drop nuggets of information. Information about himself and his family. Some of it being information Sister Wives fans don’t really know.

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Sister Wives Youtube

Recently, self-proclaimed “marriage advocate got a request from a customer for a video congratulating a couple on their wedding. Kody congratulated them before noting he was “obviously” an advocate of marriage. He, however, proceeded to allude to things not being so great for him in that department right now.

The Sister Wives star alludes to marriage issues

Kody Brown proceeds to admit in the short video that he’s a bit “redpilled” when it comes to his own struggles in his relationships at the moment. For those who aren’t really sure what that means, Kody Brown basically said he was recently enlightened to issues in his own relationships. So, it is as if he has admitted in this video that there are issues in his relationship with one (or maybe more) of his wives. And, these issues were just recently brought to his attention.

Sister Wives Brown Family Youtube
Sister Wives Brown Family Youtube

Now, most Sister Wives fans are going to assume Kody Brown is dredging up his issues with Meri Brown. But, Kody and Meri having issues isn’t really something new for him to be enlightened about. So, perhaps he’s been “redpilled” recently about issues in his marriage with one of his other wives.

Fans know that Christine Brown recently put her home on the market. There was speculation she was leaving Kody behind. Could his relationship with Christine be the marriage struggles he was recently enlightened about?

You can watch the video of Kody discussing his enlightenment to marriage issues on his Cameo profile via this link.

What marriage issues do you think Kody Brown was alluding to in a recent Cameo video? Do you think there is trouble with someone other than Meri? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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