Joy Duggar Forsyth FINALLY Surfaces, Fuels Pregnancy Rumors

Joyanna Dugar Forsyth Instagram

Joy Duggar Forsyth FINALLY surfaced on Instagram after weeks of silence. Counting On fans assume Joy and her family took a break from social media and stepped out of the spotlight because of Josh’s trial. A scroll through her profile and the profile of her husband confirms July 9th and July 10th were the last days they posted anything. So, it has been exactly a month since fans have heard from time. As we previously reported, this caused pregnancy rumors to run rampant. On Reddit, followers over the family noted the only time Joy took this long of a break from social media was when she was hiding a pregnancy.

Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram
Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram

Joy Duggar Forsyth surfaces: Adds fuel to pregnancy rumors

Now, Joy Duggar Forsyth did not outright shut down the pregnancy rumors. But, she didn’t really address them either. In fact, all she really did was add fuel to the rumors. Why? Well, in the comments of her Instagram post… Some swore it looked as though she was flaunting a small baby bump in the first photo. Fans were also convinced she had a baby bump the last time she posted a photo of herself as well.

Now, Joy was only visible in two of the several photos she posted on Instagram today. Some fans believed the first definitely had a baby bump. Rocking a black outfit and standing at a distance from the camera… It is pretty difficult to tell for sure either way. In the other picture featuring Joy Duggar Forsyth… Her arm is completely blocking her stomach as she snaps a selfie.

It is a VERY common practice for members of the family to post photos of themselves hiding their torsos when they are pregnant. After all, most Duggars will sell their pregnancy reveal with exclusive pictures to a specific outlet.

Is she even allowed to reveal a pregnancy?

As we previously reported, the entire Duggar family is reportedly gagged by TLC right now. The show ended, but the NDAs and contracts are still in place for several months. So, if Joy and Austin are pregnant, it is possible they aren’t allowed to share this information with anyone.

Joyanna Duggar Forsyth Instagram
@joy4site Instagram

Counting On fans were thrilled to see Joy Duggar Forsyth

Now, Counting On fans were THRILLED to see Joy Duggar Forsyth, her husband, and their children. Fans aren’t used to going a month without any sort of update from this family. And, some found it to be a bit troubling. Fortunately, Joy did offer an update in the caption.

Hello friends! We’re back!
It’s been a refreshing past month.
Taking time to refocus, reprioritize and spending some quality time together is so important!
We have been outdoors, soaking up the sun, exercising, annnddd we’ve been working on a fun project that I’ll catch y’all up on later!
Thank you for all of you that have messaged to check up on us!

Fans of the Duggar family can’t wait to learn more about this fun project. And, they really appreciated getting to see all these precious photos of Joy and her family.

Were you surprised Joy surfaced on Instagram today? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the former TLC family.


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