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‘General Hospital’ CONFIRMED: Drew Cain Returns See First Look, Reveal Date

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for his here — General Hospital has FINALLY confirmed the return of Drew Cain. Likewise, we now have our first look at who is stepping into the role of Drew Cain. We’ve got a sneak peek (well a sneak listen really) into how Drew Cain will come crashing back into the life of Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). And, we have a confirmed reveal date for when this is all going to go down.

General Hospital confirmed return of Drew Cain: First look

An Entertainment Weekly exclusive gave us our first listen into the General Hospital confirmed return of Drew Cain. Likewise, this exclusive also confirms what fans have been suspecting for a while now. That none other than Cameron Mathison would be stepping into the role of Drew Cain.

The short video clip features Sam McCall getting a phone call from an unknown number. She answers the call and at first, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else on the line. She has a bit of a puzzled look on her face. Finally, the mysterious caller on the other end of the line speaks. Fans of GH will recognize the voice instantly. It is that of Cameron Mathison.

Cameron Mathison - Good Morning America Youtube
Cameron Mathison – Good Morning America Youtube

Sam is quick to identify the caller. But, there is a heavy about of disbelief in her voice. After all, neither she nor anyone else was sure he was even still alive. “Drew?” She responded after hearing him call her name several times on the other end.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of this GH teaser offering us little more than confirmation Drew Cain is alive and making his return. Likewise, the spoiler has also confirmed Cameron Mathison is stepping into the role of Drew Cain.

Gh Billy Miller - Cameron Mathison - Drew Cain

GH Spoilers: Reveal date of returned character confirmed

When will Cameron Mathison make his big — highly-anticipated — GH debut? When can we officially expect Drew Cain to step back into the storyline? Turns out, this exclusive General Hospital teaser also came with a reveal date. We now know August 16th is the official reveal date for the return of Drew Cain. Finally, we can have some answers on what happened to Drew Cain in all of the time he’s been gone.

Do you like the idea of Cameron Mathison stepping into the role of Drew Cain? Are you looking forward to the reveal and return of this character? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest General Hospital spoilers, teasers, rumors, and more.

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    1. I really like the actor for the former Drew Cain, but I love Cameron Matherson. Better without his beard as of late.

      I don’t like that Franco character (deceased) is back as Austin. I still look at him as Franco.
      I really glad that Cameron and Joss are finally a pair.

      Where is Peter???? I thought we were finally rid of him. Poor Maxie as a mother without her Louise. Just wait until Brooklyn has to tell Valentin that Bailey is NOT his child. It is NOT going to be pretty!!!

  1. I’m happy that Drew is returning, but I’m sad it won’t be the actor who played him. If you’re going to return someone from the dead, make sure the actor is available first. Now that I know it won’t be the real Drew, I don’t even care. I hope you at least shave the new guy’s beard.

  2. I really wanted Drew to come back but I wanted Billy Miller who was the original Drew to come back not a different actor. If Billy Miller isn’t coming back as Drew then don’t bother. I was getting excited to see where the Sam and Dante romance was going to go. Having another actor take over the role of Drew is a waste of money and time

  3. Definitely do not like Cameron as re cast. All I see is Ryan Lavery . Drew was a navy seal , he does not fit the role

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