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Farrah Abraham Blasted For Letting Sophia Skip Summer Camp, What Did She Do Instead?

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Farrah Abraham is the coolest mom around, that is, to her 12-year-old daughter Sophia. Unfortunately, Farrah’s social media followers are blasting the former Teen Mom OG once again. This time for allowing her tween daughter Sophia to skip summer camp to hang out with her instead according to The Sun.

Concern for young Sophia’s well-being continues to mount for several reasons. The most recent being Sophia’s social media brag about skipping summer camp to hang out on a yacht.

 Sophia boasts, “who needs summer camp when you got a yacht.”

Farrah’s followers immediately began commenting that Sophia needs to be hanging out with “friends her age.” But, unfortunately, it is rare to see Sophia Abraham with anyone other than her mom.

For years, Farrah’s parenting style continues to raise questions. For example, the former reality star/adult entertainer often brags about her daughter being her best friend. The mother/daughter duo do everything together. Of course, who wouldn’t want to spend a vacation in Mexico aboard a luxury yacht? But, a pre-teen girl needs some interaction with kids her age.

Farrah Abraham Continues To Allow Sophia To Act As An Adult

In the past, Farrah has allowed Sophia to interact at all adult functions. She has taken her along to doctor’s appointments to sit idly by while mom gets butt injections and plumps her lips. Farrah treats Sophia as her adult equal instead of her young daughter. For years Sophia has been permitted to talk, act, dress, and interact with adults. 

Most of Abraham’s followers feel Farrah could be exposing Sophia to too much too soon, possibly even dangerous situations. This latest Abraham drama comes just days following a somewhat concerning TikTok video, which left fans once again questioning Sophia’s safety.

The disturbing video has gained so much attention that the #SaveSophia began trending on Twitter.

Sophia Abraham Following In Farrah Abraham Footsteps

Like her mom, Sophia loves posting her life on social media and has actively done so since she was only six. Sophia has more than 624,000 followers on Instagram alone.

“First summer trip to #mexico I’m seeing some cool stuff… who needs summer camp when you get a yacht – #scooba #coralreef #snorkeling #sophiaabraham #farrahabraham #tulum #mexico #yacht,” shares Sophia.

One recent clip shared by Farrah has shocked fans. Farrah is seen in a tiny bikini with a white shirt over it. Farrah happily holds up a drink in her hand, alongside three men, while Sophia, the only child, is doing the same.

Is It Too Late?

“Children need their peers as friends. Moms should be moms, not friends. Not until the child makes it to adulthood,” adds one angry commenter.

Unfortunately, in similar situations between mothers and daughters, for example, Dina and Lindsay Lohan. Bad things tend to happen when moms treat their young daughters as friends instead of children. 

Hopefully, Farrah Abraham will see the potential damage this behavior is creating and change her mother/daughter relationship with Sophia before it is too late. But then again, drama makes money in the Teen Mom world.


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