Fans FURIOUS: Why Does Janelle Keep Defending Absent Husband Kody Brown?!

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Janelle Brown recently went on a trip to enjoy a family reunion. Sister Wives fans quickly took notice of Kody Brown not being in the reunion photos. And, they wondered: Where the heck is Kody Brown? Many Sister Wives fans admit they are FURIOUS with the way he continues to treat his wives. Likewise, fans can’t wrap their minds around why Janelle Brown continues to defend her absent husband.

Janelle Brown enjoys a family reunion, but where’s Kody?

The Sister Wives star took to Instagram two days ago to share a photo of a happy family reunion. Janelle Brown was thrilled by the opportunity to spend time with so many of her children and family members. She even took the time to reassure fans that Mykelti, Tony, and their baby Avalon were also at this reunion. They just weren’t featured in the photo.

The proud grandmother gushed: “Mykelti, Tony and baby Avalon aren’t in the picture but I got some great snuggle time with the new grand-baby. She is the cutest thing. Her hair and rolls are the best.”

In her hashtags, she declared it the “best weekend.” She also got emotional about all of her children becoming adults.

Sister Wives Kody - Meri - Robyn - Christein - Janelle - Instagram
Janelle Briown Instagram

Sister Wives fans could understand why a couple and their new baby might not stand up and join in for a family photo. But, where the heck was Kody Brown? Fans didn’t understand why he wasn’t standing next to his wife enjoying time with his children.

She’s been extremely defensive of her absent husband lately

Sister Wives fans never miss an opportunity to take a dig at Kody Brown. He’s easily the least favorite member of the TLC cast member. It, however, is debatable whether he or his fourth wife Robyn are at the bottom of the pile.

As we’ve previously reported, Janelle Brown has been extra sassy on Instagram as of late. She hasn’t missed a beat with defending her absent husband and her relationship. This included putting fans in their place by revealing they enjoyed a nice dinner together at the picnic table outside of her RV.

Janelle Brown Instagram
Janelle Brown Instagram

Janelle Brown also got sassy with a fan that noted it was “sad” that her husband allowed her to live a certain way. The Sister Wives star got furious by the accusation that she could not make decisions for herself.

Are you surprised Kody Brown was absent from the recent family reunion. Why do you think Janelle Brown continues to defend him? Share your thoughts on the Brown family with us in the comments.

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