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‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Tara LIED Again – Kyle NOT Harrison’s Daddy?

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It looks like the walls are closing in on Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) says The Young And The Restless spoilers. She came to town on a mission to be an Abbott. To that end, she revealed Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) was Kyle Abbott’s ( Michael Mealor) son. A paternity test proved he was the father. But any true soap fan knows you can never trust paternity results.

Harrison is the key to the life that Tara wants. She even used him to drive Summer Newman (Hunter King) out of Genoa City. Tara’s lies are about to blow up in her face. It would come as no surprise if she deceived the Abbotts about Harrison’s paternity.

Tara - Kyle YR
Tara – Kyle Youtube

Young And The Restless Spoilers -Tara Leaves The Abbotts Brokenhearted?

Y&R spoilers know Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) was hellbent on proving Tara and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) conspired against her daughter. In doing so she put doubts in the mind of the Abbott men. Between Phyllis’s and Kyle’s questions the pressure is getting to Tara Locke. Young And The Restless spoilers reveal that Sumner will confess that she was forced to leave by Tara. Will the mounting pressure cause her to run off with Harrison in tow? 

Young and the Restless- Harrison-Locke-Kellen-Enriquez
Harrison Locke / Youtube

Tara Did The Old Switcharoo Paternity On Y&R?

She knows that the Abbott family has fallen in love with Harrison. Every time she hinted at leaving she was urged to stay. Now that Kyle is suspicious of his alleged baby mama, he’s scared she will take off with his son. She is well aware they will do anything to keep him in their home. To make things worse Kyle has no legal rights to Harrison. Tara is very clever and she uses her son to her advantage. She could even go as far as tampering with paternity results. If it turns out she did, that would be devastating to Kyle and Jack. Soap operas need that paternity switch drama to keep storylines going.

Long-time viewers know that Tara Locke blowing into town claiming Kyle was the daddy was much too convenient and easy for a daytime drama. The writers are taking the story in the direction of a full happily ever after for Kyle and Summer which means Kyle is most likely NOT Harrison’s dad, but who is? That question may keep this story going for months or years to come. 

Will Tara’s Downfall Lead To A Happy Ending on The Young and the Restless?

Tara foolishly believed she could trap Kyle with Summer out of the way. When she lost her lavish lifestyle with her ex, she thought she would get that life back with the Abbotts. But she didn’t count on Phyllis or Kyle’s love for Summer.

Forcing Summer to take that job in Italy could backfire on her. Especially if it turns out that Harrison is not Kyle’s son. That would leave the ­road free and clear for a Skyle reunion in Italy. Summer loves her new job and the only thing missing is Kyle. Y&R fans would be thrilled for their happy ending. One thing is for sure the powers that be are paving the way for Tara to be completely taken down and that probably includes the paternity of little Harrison. No ties left to Kyle or the Abbotts Tara will have to leave town as most trouble makers do. Until she finds the next gullible man? 

The Young And The Restless airs weekday on CBS.

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