Kailyn Lowry Reveals What Is Affecting Her Whole Family Now, Even Javi

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Kailyn Lowry says she and her four children are sick. Her family has all tested positive for Covid-19. Lowry spoke about contracting the virus on the most recent episode of her podcast Baby Mama No Drama.

People Magazine reports that Kailyn Lowry believes she and the kids contracted the COVID-19 virus during their recent family vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Lowry also reveals to fans that her co-host Vee Rivera is also positive despite being fully vaccinated during the podcast. Kail states to her listens “For those of you guys listening who don’t know,” she began, “Vee and I have COVID.” At this time, it is unclear whether Kail has been vaccinated or not.


Kailyn Lowry Is Spreading It All-Around

Lowry admits that she had previously tested negative twice for the virus, once before the trip and then again upon returning. Kail claims her symptoms started a few days after returning home. She immediately claims she underwent a third positive test.

The mother of four states she had a gut feeling it was COVID because she had been feeling ill all week. “Once I lost my taste and my smell, I knew what it was,” she added. Kailyn says she feels bad because she feels she is guilty of passing the virus to Vee. “I just felt bad ’cause I’m like, you know, we were on vacation, and I obviously would not have been around people if I knew I had COVID,” she said, “but I tested negative twice.”

Vee also claims she is feeling poorly. However, she adds that since Kail is sick, she retests and has a positive test result. So far, according to Vee Rivera, her husband Joe and daughter Vivi have are testing negative.

Teen Mom Pals Share Everything

Sadly, Kailyn and her family, have not been so fortunate. Kail reveals all four of her boys, Isaac, 11, Lincoln, 7, Lux,3, and Creed; one is all sick as well.

Lowry claims that this is Lincoln’s second bout with COVID. However, the young mom reveals Lincoln was also COVID positive in March.

“Lincoln just had COVID in March, and he has it again,” she said. “So, all the kids have it. They’re all asymptomatic.” Kail claims she sent Lincoln to Javi’s house because Marroquin’s family, except himself, have already had COVID. That is except Javi, who now also has tested positive for the virus. New Teen Mom 2 storyline in the making?


According to Lowry, this is also the second time she has contracted the virus revealing she first got it in 2020.

That being said, COVID is a serious subject. However, many fans couldn’t help but notice how much time Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been spending together, and rumors of the exes hooking up continue to grow. Other than the terrible symptoms of congestion, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell, she remains hopeful that they will soon be through the worst. But, unfortunately, News of a growing uptick in COVID cases is mounting. So it looks as if the COVID is making plans to stick around for the rest of 2021.

For more updates on the coronavirus, visit the  https://www.cdc.gov. 

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