John David & Abbie Duggar Leave Arkansas Ahead Of Josh’s Trial

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John David and Abbie Duggar made the decision to leave Arkansas. Considering the drama surrounding the family ahead of Josh Duggar’s trial… Who can really blame them? Truthfully, fans of the family love seeing not let Josh Duggar’s trial stop their family from enjoying life. Where did this little Duggar family leave Arkansas and travel to? When are they coming back? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

John David and Abbie Duggar leave Arkansas ahead of Josh’s trial

Fans know Abbie Duggar recently crossed her father-in-law Jim Bob in a BIG way. She became the first female under the family tree to obtain a pilot license. Likewise, fans know this isn’t the first time Abbie has crossed Jim Bob as she also went to school to become a nurse. Under the Duggar family tree, it is “tradition” for the man to have a job and “bring home the bacon” while the wife stays home and raises the children. Abbie, however, has never been interested in that lifestyle. In fact, Abbie Duggar’s choices and lifestyle are some of the reasons so many fans adore her and her family.

Now, after getting her pilot license… John David and Abbie Duggar must’ve wanted to celebrate. The duo planned a family vacation at an airshow located in Wisconsin. Duggar fans could not help but notice the timing of this vacation as it had John David getting his family out of Arkansas and away from the stench of Josh’s trial.

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John David and Abbie Duggar were even kind enough to share several photos of their vacation on Instagram a few days ago. Their Instagram post contained five different photos of the couple and their daughter Grace enjoying the airshow.

Duggar fans can’t get over how precious Grace looks

The last photo in the Instagram post features little Grace Duggar rocking an adorable pink watermelon dress and some noise-canceling headphones. Fans doted on how adorable their little girl looks.

Likewise, fans can’t help but wonder if John David and Abbie might be pregnant with a second child. Will Grace have a little brother or sister soon? As we previously reported, it was a post on her Instagram Stories that sparked pregnancy rumors.

John David Duggar and Abbie YouTube

With Grace being over a year old, Abbie Duggar being pregnant would like up with the traditional way things are normally done within this family. However, it is possible Abbie doesn’t want to have tons of children as she also didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mother without a career of her own.

Do you think Abbie and John David Duggar purposely went on vacation far away from Arkansas to escape the current drama? Likewise, do you think they might have plans to bring another baby into the world soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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