‘Love Island USA’: Does Jeremy Hershberg’s Dad Have Ties To CBS?!

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As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Love Island USA fans want Jeremy Hershberg off the show. At first, they were smitten by his chiseled abs and dimples. Now that they’ve gotten to know him, they had enough of his dry personality. Viewers also didn’t like it when Jeremy would jump from girl to girl.

In fact, he hasn’t had much luck on the island. He was currently coupled up with Genevieve Shawcross who has now left the island. She went alongside Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr in a shocking elimination round on Sunday night’s episode. Fans thought for sure that Jeremy would go home with Genevieve.

Despite their dismay, he manages to stick around. This led some to wonder if Jeremy has close ties to CBS production.

Rumors swirl about Jeremy’s father

On Sunday, August 1, Love Island USA fans took to Twitter to discuss the latest episode. Some of them speculated about Jeremy’s luck in the villa. He ended up in the bottom three with Will Moncada and Cinco. Fans did not expect the outcome of the elimination.

It was up to the girl islanders to save one of the guys. They ended up saving Jeremy even though they noticed that he hasn’t had a genuine connection with anyone in the villa. Soon thereafter, they were left to decide between Will and Cinco. Will was saved, and Cinco was left packing.

Understandably, most fans are upset with the results of the elimination. Some of them wonder what kind of power Jeremy has over the show. That’s when the rumors swirled that Jeremy’s father works for CBS, which means he pulls the strings. The rumors spread like wildfire on Twitter on Sunday night.

However, some fans denied the rumors. One said that Jeremy’s father is a pastor. Some claim that the rumor is true and that Jeremy comes from a wealthy family. Money and connections can help one find love or stay on a reality show for as long as possible.

The truth about Jeremy from Love Island USA

Jeremy is a fitness trainer from New York. Some say he lived in the Upper Eastside with his wealthy family. He made his name as a fitness model before joining Love Island USA. He said that he wants to find a “good girl” in the villa.

In his introduction video, Jeremy explained that he only had two girlfriends in his life. He’s still recovering from his previous heartbreak, which is probably why he’s having trouble developing an emotional connection with anyone on the show. Jeremy joined the CBS reality show to find his one and only love.

While he seems flaky, he’s interested in finding love. It’s unclear whether Jeremy will end up going home alone or with a girlfriend. So far, he has a hard time expressing his interest in any girl, which is why fans are so frustrated with him.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Jeremy has close ties to CBS? Sound off below in the comments.

Love Island airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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