Katie Joy Breaks Silence As Todd Chrisley Sues Her

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Todd Chrisley revealed his plans to sue Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball on his podcast Chrisley Confessions. As we previously reported, Todd admitted that he wasn’t afraid to get a little dirty via a lawsuit. He noted they didn’t fear them as he considered going to court to be a sport. And, Todd? Well, he was EXTREMELY competitive. He likes to win.

Katie Joy recently claimed Lindsie was innocent

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball dropped a BOMBSHELL on Chrisley Knows Best fans when she reported Lindsie was innocent. She noted that court documents revealed it was Kyle and his ex-wife that reported Todd and Julie to the IRS. Katie insisted that Lindie had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, she wished Lindsie would consider suing her father for defamation after what happened.

Todd Chrisley was quick to debunk everything Katie Joy had to say on his next podcast after news broke. He pointed out that Lindsie and Katie Joy were friends. This made Katie an effective mouthpiece for Lindsie to spin whatever story she decided to spin. Todd Chrisley made it a point during the podcast to clarify that he deeply loves his daughter Lindsie. He loves all his children. But, unfortunately, he has proof that she was involved in reporting him and Julie Chrisley to the IRS. Todd said he has receipts proving she was involved and the truth would come out in the next few months when things start playing out in the courtroom.

Chrisley Knows Best - Todd Chrisley - Youtube
Chrisley Knows Best Youtube

He, however, was NOT happy about Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball dragging both himself and his son Kyle through the mud. Likewise, he didn’t like her story gaining traction with things that simply were not true. So, he filed a lawsuit against her. And, he looked forward to sitting across from her in a courtroom.

The YouTuber responded to Todd Chrisley’s lawsuit

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball took to Instagram to break her silence on Todd Chrisley’s lawsuit against her. In her response, she did not deny her friendship with Lindsie Chrisley. But, she insisted she was not her “mouthpiece” as Todd claimed her to be.

She penned in her Instagram response to the lawsuit: “I am not her mouth piece. I am not her media outlet. I am her friend. Anyone that follows me knows that I rarely report on her family because of my friendship with her.”

Katie Joy Without A Crystal Ball
Katie Joy Without A Crystal Bal Youtube

Her response to the lawsuit included the screenshots of several tweets. She tweeted that Lindsie Chrisley was NOT a person who needed someone to be her “mouth piece.” She pointed out that Lindsie has a huge following and two podcasts. So, if she has something she wants to say… She has a platform to say it on. And, she’s not afraid to do that.

“She’s a strong woman that stands on her own.” She added.

I’ve remained quiet because honestly, I respect her. So I’m going to allow my attorneys to handle whatever the Chrisleys request of me.”

Katie Joy’s response suggests she’s done reporting on the drama between Todd and Lindsie Chrisley out of response for her friend. She, however, stood her ground on the fact that she wasn’t afraid to go to court against Todd Chrisley.


Do you think Katie Joy should be afraid of going to court against Todd Chrisley? Do you think he was right to sue her? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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  1. This little Katie Marie needs to mind her own business! If Lindsie is suppose to be a strong woman (which she is not) hence having her friend speak for her. Fight your own battle! Suck it up and move on!

  2. Great that Todd Chrisley is suing her! Things this Katie Joy person states as fact on so many people she can’t possibly know and things I’ve read she has defamed others is atrocious! I would never follow this Katie Joy yet when scrolling I’ll read a preposterous heading and it will be written by her and I find her nothing more than a daily bully online! She needs to find something noble in life to do, not always trashing others and stating what she says as facts! Hope she isn’t financially destroyed being sued but learns the ugly she chooses to state about others and stops!

  3. Katie is unwell. She needs to log off social media and check into a mental hospital. Every single thing she accuses others of doing, she has done to others a thousand times worse. Check out https://www.reddit.com/r/WOACB/.

  4. If Todd had nothing to hide why is he so upset about IRS.
    He’s no better than rest of world if he did wrong then be a man and own up n face the music

  5. Katie Joy is very problematic. She is involved with several lawsuits. She has so much drama involving her that I highly doubt she is innocent of all those lawsuits. Just my opinion.

  6. Katie Joy is a vile person. She appears to have several mental illnesses and appears to be an alcoholic. She deems herself untouchable. She should be removed from YouTube.

  7. Katie Joy seriously is a dangerous person to have a platform. Her history is long and dark, including 2 prior defamation lawsuits (dropped due to jurisdiction). I hope Todd follows through and puts an end to the destruction this woman does to even those who subscribe and watch her.

    1. In my opinion Katie should not have a platform. This isn’t the first time she is being sued for spreading false information.

  8. Katie Joy is a bully and a fraud. I am glad Todd is sueing her. She is dangerous and disgusting with all her lies and falsehoods. There is something mental about that woman. She tweets about love and being kind, then tweets hateful things for the next 20 posts. She is certifiable. She daily posts lies and just makes up stories about reality stars. The funniest lie so far, she says that she’s a reporter! 🤣 Reporters have ethics and a code of conduct. Katie is just a run of the mill trash mag trying to be taking seriously. No one takes her seriosly die to her outrageous lies. She is pathetic.
    Constantly she doxxes people on social media, but the says I didn’t do it. Ummm are you insane lady? We all just saw you do it. I hope she crawls back into the cesspool she crawled out of.

  9. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. When learning of the lawsuit, why did Katie Joy shut down her Twitter? Also, why did she privatize YouTube videos about the Chrisley family if she isn’t concerned that she has defamed them? This was the same behavior she demonstrated when the Westbrooks sued her. She JUST dodged a lawsuit with Tati Westbrook that she settled by throwing her source under the bus. It wasn’t that long ago that she was ugly-crying crocodile tears on YouTube, whining that the money she was spending on the Westbrook lawsuit was supposed to be for her “medically fragile” son. One would think she’d examine what it is that she is doing that keeps her so busy in litigation…and stop doing it! She is the walking, talking definition of insanity. YouTube needs to take a hard look at Katie Joy and her hate-mongering channel Without A Crystal Ball. I hope Todd Chrisley finishes the job that Tati Westbrook started.

  10. Katie Joy Paulson should seek mental help. If she put this much effort into her child maybe he wouldn’t be screaming throughout the day while she locks herself in a room to avoid him.

    If her husband was smart he’d hire a divorce attorney and get 80/20. It’s obvious that drama is more important than family.

  11. I love TC. I was reading about this and decided to see who she was. Let’s just say, I’ll never get that 2 hrs back. I can not believe how awful she is. And I promise you I’m not being biased, I know how TC can get. She literally yells and disrespects her subscribers, chews super loud, touching her hair, digging in her nose,and ear, wiping her nose with her hand, and her body language screams liar.

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