‘The Grand Tour: Lochland’ Released, Will Covid Derail Next Season?

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The Grand Tour fans are now getting streaming the trio’s Scottish adventure. However, fans are wondering what is next for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May? Where are they going?

Recently, Clarkson shared some information on where they plan on going. However, it seems that Covid may still get in the way of their plans

Where Is The Grand Tour Going Next?

Although The Grand Tour: Lochdown dropped on Friday, July 30, fans are already wondering where the trio is going next. According to Digital Spy, longtime producer, Andy Wilman, they are starting to look for places to go in the fall and winter. However, things are changing so rapidly, they cannot properly plan. Covid has derailed the Amazon Prime series.

Wilman explained, “It’s one of the big nightmares it is. We chose a country, I won’t say which one we chose, but we were working on a story in a country which was an amber country, so we could have gone to it, and then it went red just a few days ago, so back to the drawing board.”

Subsequently, it sounds like the former Top Gear trio have been making some plans. However, it also appears that they have been derailed.

“It is very tricky at the moment to be able to say because we need three or four months to set up a big foreign job and it’s not really well us planning and spending hundreds and thousands of pounds setting up all of these fields, and then all of a sudden somebody says, ‘Oh well, we can’t go there now’ so we are facing some difficulties.”

When Does The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown Premiere?

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown is dropping on Friday, July 30on Amazon Prime. This is the long-awaited Scotland episode that was filmed during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. The trio chose this as a perfectly remote and safe area to film during the historic pandemic. And yes, Hammond crashes his car.

This is the first episode of Season 5. Usually, the trio embarks on exotic journeys to places like the southern tip of South America, or the North Pole. However, the worldwide pandemic kept them home in the U.K. Moreover, this new episode is a bit of a documentary about travel during this crazy time.

According to Wilman, who told The Sun  a bit about the Scottish excursion. “We were trying to think of different options, and where we ended up was we just shot one recently up in Scotland, a kind of mini coronavirus special, which will be 60-odd minutes rather than 90.”

Another U.K. Episode Already Filmed

There is also another U.K.-based The Grand Tour episode in the can. Back in early spring, the trio filmed in Wales, Beachy Head and  Warwickshire, driving 70s French cars. Hopefully, that will air sometime in 2020. However, Amazon could wait to air this special. They may decide to see if the trio film another episode before dropping this.

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown drops on Friday, July 30, on Amazon Prime.

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